EnergyWare Announces New Rebranded Logo

The logo redesign is the first step in the company's major rebrand.

EnergyWare, a leading national provider of energy efficiency technology, has announced the official rebranding of its company logo. The change reflects the company's new direction within the energy efficiency industry, as they look to promote their emergence into the solar, water conservation, and smart HVAC systems sectors. The minimalist pictorial logo mark captures the new and refreshing experience EnergyWare looks to bring to its customers.  

This year, EnergyWare announced its expansion of services including solar, water conservation, Smart HVAC Systems. EnergyWare's goal is to empower corporations with the tools and knowledge necessary to reduce energy costs while making positive contributions to our environment and this doesn't stop with just LED lighting.

"The energy efficiency landscape is constantly growing and evolving. As a team, we knew that we needed to grow concurrently with industry as it changed for the better," said Jake Jacques, CEO of Energyware. 

"Our new logo is meant to invoke all of the feelings that we look to bring to our customers. It's fresh, unique, and refined. We want our customers to come to us for a new energy efficiency experience - one that is like no other. Our products and support will be best-in-class. This premium experience needed a premium logo to match, and that's exactly why we rebranded." 

The company's long-standing tagline, "A Better Energy Future," remains a major component of the brand's messaging. Everyone can play a part in being more energy-efficient, however, it is businesses that are able to carve the way forward. EnergyWare's educational message aims to share how corporate responsibility and small changes towards energy efficiency allow for a better future.

"We are proud of our minimalist approach to the new EnergyWare brand. The simplicity will ensure that its recognition will stand successfully against the test of time and the constantly changing landscape of energy technology," said Boaz Santiago, Director of Marketing & Communications at EnergyWare.

"As part of our brand overhaul, we will also be announcing the launch of our sleek new website design next week, with new sections promoting EnergyWare's emergence into the solar, water conservation, and smart HVAC systems sectors."

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