EnergyWare Announces It Has Been Purchased by JOX Energy in Strategic Acquisition

EnergyWare finds a buyer in JOX Energy, whose shared vision of an energy-efficient future includes expanding products and portfolio services into international markets.

​​​​​​​EnergyWare, a full-service, nationwide energy efficiency design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation company, has just announced that it has been acquired by JOX Energy. Understanding the need to expand into international markets to continue its growth trajectory, the management team identified the ideal buyer in JOX Energy, whose CEO, Jake Jacques, anticipates significant potential for growth in the energy sector.

“After meeting the directors and ownership of Energyware, I knew this was the company I should pursue,” says Jake Jacques, CEO of JOX  Energy. “I was particularly excited to hear of the new products EnergyWare was planning in regards to Solar and HVAC, and I believe there is going to be huge potential when it comes to solar.”

In regards to the acquisition, Michael Bertamini, outgoing CEO of EnergyWare, added, “We're very proud of EnergyWare. When we first started it, we started with just a handful of representatives, and now we’re in over 30 states working with Fortune 1000 companies and some of the most prestigious schools and universities around the country. One of the highlights working here at EnergyWare is the vast, diversified group of people we've been able to work with. It's really been intriguing; we've been able to see these folks grow both personally and professionally. We always knew that we were going to grow, but we didn't know we would grow at this rate. It became very clear as we were going to expand further into additional products and additional services, a third-party strategic buyer was the ideal option, and Jake was the perfect fit.”

Guided by Mr. Stephen Canton, Anacostia Ventures helped guide the transaction and fully financed the business for EnergyWare to successfully operate and deliver its services to customers.

The management team at EnergyWare is incredibly excited and optimistic about the potential for growth in the energy sector:

According to Edward Repa, SVP of Sales at EnergyWare, “I'm proud to be part of the next evolution for the market leader in energy efficiency.”

Andy Bertamini, COO at EnergyWare: “I’m excited to be working with JOX and continue the EnergyWare growth trajectory.”

Eric Bilotta, Director of Lighting Solutions: “I'm very proud of EnergyWare's growth and success from its founding five years ago to now. JOX's acquisition represents a fantastic opportunity to build upon that success and take EnergyWare to the next level."

"This new chapter in the EnergyWare Legacy is not only an exciting time for our company, but more importantly, the JOX acquisition will bring greater benefits to the customers we serve, the communities we work with, and the workers, students and residents who increasingly depend on us to create a better energy future," adds Boaz Santiago, Director of Marketing.

To watch the interview with JOX Energy CEO Jack Jacques and see the EnergyWare Executive Team's thoughts on the acquisition, watch the video here:

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