Energy Storage is Half the Solution - cyberGRID Modernising the European Electricity Grid

While energy storage seems to be on the brink of a breakthrough, the infrastructure to enable the implementation into the grid is only just starting to get attention


Austrian energy tech company cyberGRID has developed a platform, which will enable the future of energy storage to be implemented in the European electricity grids.

”To support huge storage capacities in the electricity grids of today, there is a need for a tool, which links the system operators to the storage providers” says Peter Nemcek, VP of Research and Development in cyberGRID - and continues: “What we have developed in the FLEXICIENCY project is exactly that, and I see it as a key to the storage revolution in the energy sector”

To support huge storage capacities in the electricity grids of today, there is a need for a tool, which links the system operators to the storage providers

Peter Nemcek, VP of Research and Development

cyberGRID is a participant in the EU project FLEXICIENCY. Here, a platform is being developed where suppliers and users of electricity demand flexibility and aggregation can exchange services. In other words, an important step in modernising the European electricity grid. The FLEXICIENCY project involves five major utilities from Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Sweden and demonstrates how new services based on for example storage technologies will enable a low carbon energy future.

Within the project cyberGRID has developed a cloud VPP (SaaS) for demonstrations with major Austrian and Italian Utilities Verbund and ENEL. Electric flexibility data will be collected, aggregated and integrated with DSO data services. Flexibility and storage potential of prosumers in Austria and Italy will help new market players and retailers to stay ahead of competition.

“With this tool we can see a whole new range of energy services and business models appear in the energy sector” - Marko Svetina, Managing Director of cyberGRID


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Source: cyberGRID GmbH & Co KG


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