Energy Pages Becomes Official Media Sponsor of the Energy Professionals Association

New agreement will offer TEPA members valuable insights and a platform to share perspectives on developments in the retail energy industry

TEPA Teams Up With Energy Pages as Official Media Sponsor

Energy Pages, the information hub for the energy industry, announced today that it will become the official media sponsor of The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA).

The agreement will position Energy Pages as an official resource for sharing TEPA news, provide a news outlet for TEPA members to gain insights into evolving challenges and opportunities in the retail energy market and give TEPA members a platform to share their perspectives on the industry. The collaboration will also include in-depth media coverage of TEPA events and an exclusive newsletter for TEPA members.

“We’re looking forward to exploring this new opportunity with Energy Pages,” said Craig Wall, president, TEPA Northeast Chapter, and director of supplier and product management for Patriot Energy, during his closing remarks at the 2019 TEPA ILEPA Conference in Chicago on July 9. “The exclusive content available to our members will help them stay abreast of the latest news from across the retail energy marketplace.”

TEPA and the Illinois Professionals Association (ILEPA) merged their organizations in early 2018, with ILEPA now acting as the Illinois Chapter of TEPA. The merger combined the organizations’ efforts to uphold the integrity and further consumer benefits of the deregulated energy markets. TEPA is a non-profit, self-regulated organization that is led by a volunteer board, which is elected by the association’s voting members.

“We are inspired by TEPA’s growth and the excellent advocacy they have spearheaded in the retail energy industry,” said Frank Rosa, founder and publisher of Energy Pages. ”The Energy Pages team is proud to enter this official media partnership. Our objective is to provide a platform for TEPA members to have customized, timely information to better address the policy, technology and economic issues affecting our industry.”

About The Energy Professionals Association

The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA) is a 501(c)(6) organization whose community of energy professionals adheres to a code of conduct, serves as an educational resource and advocates for deregulated energy markets across the country. TEPA members include aggregators, brokers and consultants (ABCs), retail electricity providers (REPs) and affiliate members. TEPA’s members are the clear choice for consumers seeking to benefit from competitive energy markets.

TEPA members exhibit expertise, ethical practices and a high level of professionalism to help consumers buy electricity in the restructured national marketplace. For more information, visit

About Energy Pages

Energy Pages is a must-read resource that leverages the expertise of leaders in policy, economics, technologies, finance, strategy and media. We bring together sharp insights and valuable perspectives on the ideas and developments defining how the energy industry is transitioning.

Our depth and insights set us apart. Energy Pages examines key trends and assumptions in order to develop insights where there are vacuums and connect implications that are currently disconnected. Our approach is rooted in cognitive flexibility, elegant and clean design, and objective positioning. Our goal is to build a community of valuable discourse and debate that will provide energy executives with the fact-based and superior analysis they need to chart their course in a complex and evolving landscape. ​

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Energy Pages is a must-read resource that brings together sharp insights and valuable perspectives on the ideas and developments defining how the energy industry is transitioning.

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