Energy, Inc. Announces New Technology for Peak Demand Management of Electricity Usage

Breakthrough in Energy Savings

Energy, Inc., the leader in electricity management systems marketed under the brand “TED - The Energy Detective,” today announced new hardware and software that will provide instant, reliable and accurate monitoring of Peak Demand.  Until now, the consumer had no way of managing or controlling their Demand charge - a new rate strategy being promoted (and in some instances, required) by electric utilities nationwide.  The TED Pro series offers a new, state of the art robust data transmission every one second - sending a text and/or email message to the consumer warning that a new demand threshold is about to be set - giving the consumer an opportunity to avoid the new increase.  With this new technology comes a free service and app (TED Commander).  The app is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play store. There are no monthly fees or subscriptions required to use TED Commander.

"TED will now provide that gentle nudge to let you know you are getting ready to spend more money than you want or need to." said Dolph Rodenberg, President of Charleston-based Energy, Inc. "Our energy management systems serve as an invisible watchdog of your wallet."

Dolph Rodenberg, President

These new features are extremely beneficial to not only consumers, but utilities, solar installers, electricians, energy auditors, and other professionals who use TED solutions and want to be notified of consumer electricity changes.

About Energy, Inc.

Energy Inc. is a privately held corporation, which designs and manufactures real-time electricity management devices for residential/commercial use. Energy Inc.'s flagship product is a user-friendly, accurate monitor named TED - The Energy Detective.