Energy Field Security Announces Plan to Build Data Center for Medical Services

New Delta, Colorado Microgrid to be Powered by Renewables

Energy Field Security (EFS) has announced a plan to construct an Edge Micro Data Center on a 7-acre site located on Porter Court just north of Delta Health hospital, said David A. Moran, Founder and President. The project is referred to as "Project Salus" (sey- lus), after the Roman goddess of safety, welfare, health and prosperity. EFS sees her as the goddess of resilience, which, in the face of natural disasters, is of utmost importance to communities to continue services for their citizens and thrive after High Impact Low Frequency events. 

The facility will provide secure managed services, information technology (IT) computer space and offices to the medical community seeking reliable and sustainable operations for their businesses. Subject to zoning approval, EFS anticipates the modular data center will total approximately 10,000 SF with expansion capability. The facility will be powered by a microgrid with on-site solar panels, battery storage, auxiliary power and small vertical wind turbines with Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) protection from solar flares, CMEs and other threats. A designated, on-site Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station connected to the renewable power system is also being considered to serve the community. 

Edge Micro Data Centers offer opportunities for local businesses, municipalities and healthcare providers operating in the region, provide low latency connectivity as well as Cloud, backup and disaster recovery services to provide additional security and reduce IT expenses.

The Delta location and the site's proximity to education, healthcare, municipality and commerce make it ideal for companies requiring IT services, e-commerce, security, IoT, 5G, telemedicine, e-learning as well supporting the City's 911 and emergency services and rural broadband networks. "With all the computing power being dispersed throughout the region, and the evolving 5G edge telecommunication network, this type of edge computing power is needed in Delta for the next generation of businesses and manufacturing to ensure uptime by minimizing or eliminating vulnerabilities," said Mr. Moran.  

"The capabilities EFS's Edge Micro Data Center brings to the community will attract new business to Delta and accelerate job growth in areas which it will support, including telemedicine, emergency services, FinTech, cybersecurity and e-commerce," said Chris Ryan, Ex-Mayor Pro-Tem. "This is an exciting project for Delta, to say the least." Mr. Joseph Suppers (NodeCom) and Mark Welsko (WES) commend Mr. Moran for his vision and echo Chris Ryan's comments and believe microgrid powered edge data centers, similar to project Salus, are "needed in just about every city in the country, as we've become more dependent on IT services and infrastructure resulting from the Covid pandemic, shutdowns and remote working."

EFS, working with its alliance partners, Worldwide Environmental Services (WES) and NodeCom, in connection with acquisition, planning, design and construction, target the occupancy for the project in early 2023, subject to site plan approvals, permits, etc.

For anyone interested in the project, IT services or more information, please contact Mr. David Moran at; Phone: 970-216-3162 or visit the EFS website at


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About Energy Field Security, Inc.

Our mission is to Produce, Distribute and Use Renewable Energy in a more sustainable way.

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