Endominance Launches New Cognitive Diagnostic Tool Revolutionizing the Assessment of Aptitude and Potential - the COSEC

Introducing the Groundbreaking PIC and SELC Reports, Based on The COSEC Assessment and Supported by Endominance's Innovative Report Management Dashboard

Over 3.5 million personality assessments are administered every year, but according to experts, the limitations of these tools seem to outweigh any positive aspects. Simply put, based on the standards of psychological test validation - these "personality assessments" fall short. The need for a diagnostic tool that accurately assesses an individual's aptitude is more significant than ever. Introducing the COSEC Assessment from Endominance. This simple but powerful tool offers an innovative approach to understanding decision-making processes, actions, strengths, limitations, and aptitude - unlocking a person's full potential.

When it comes to a person's overall development, how they perceive their environment and process the information ultimately determines their behavior. Endominance takes a granular look at these factors with the COSEC Assessment, based on the PCB Model. The COSEC Assessment is the first-ever cognitive aptitude diagnostic tool to incorporate environmental impact on the individual. The PCB Model describes how an individual sees the world, registers their environment, and how it all comes together to influence their characteristics, traits, preferences, and, ultimately, their behavior. Endominance has developed reports based on the COSEC that pinpoint not only how a person's brain works but why.

The SELC (Social-Emotional Learning Competence) Report is an academic development report that helps educators and administrators create customized SEL curriculum, tailor their teaching style to ensure students' needs are being met and give students a start in the right direction. The PIC (Performance, Interpersonal, and Challenges) Report is a career development report that offers an in-depth view of employees' projected behavior at work in connection to their performance and interpersonal style. Our convenient dashboard allows administrators to manage their team's reports. Administrators can purchase reports in bulk, send assessment invitations, download reports, or export reports to their team - all from one place.

"Perhaps the biggest threat posed by this pandemic is the elevated uncertainty about the future," says Paul Lee, CEO at Endominance. "Without understanding the root of our issues, finding the right help is even more challenging. That's what COSEC is for. Our aim is to support organizations to effectively deal with issues by providing them with comprehensive diagnostic reports and a personalized dashboard to manage members."

The SELC and PIC Reports are now available through the Report Management Dashboard. For more information on the reports, visit us at https://www.endominance.com/diagnostic-products or email: support@endominance.com.

About Endominance: Endominance was established in 2019 under the umbrella of MSC Brain Group to develop specialized diagnostic assessment solutions. Today, we operate independently but hand-in-hand to develop personalized solutions.

We have grown rapidly, forming strong partnerships with several organizations and institutions. With our goals and values aligned, Endominance and its partners are blazing a trail together toward helping people by developing personalized, precision solutions at a granular level.

Source: Endominance, Inc.