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Enagic.ws a new web site introducing all new info on Kangen Water and it's wonderful affects on the body. This healthy water has gone from a business to a way of life for site builder Brooks Bartholomew. He shares his story and the wonderful news a

Take a look at what we put into our body's each day. I was floored when I watched this for the first time. My story is probably like a lot of other people out there in that I had some health issues and had been to the doctor but hate taking pills! Have you taken the time to read the side affects of some of the drugs your taking? Now please don't get me wrong some drugs you have to take and that is between you and your doctor and by no means is Kangen water a sub for your doctor's advice and treatment. Anyway I had some surgeries on my legs I had several abscessed blood clots in my legs that had to be removed and when they removed the blood clots they also damaged the arteries in my legs so I lived with tremendous amounts of edema in both legs as a result. I had times when my legs and feet were so swollen I couldn't get my shoes on and it was very painful. After 2 weeks drinking Kangen water 9.5 I had absolutely no swelling in my legs or feet and I'm pain free! I must also tell you that I have lost 20 lb's in just 8 weeks drinking Kangen water 9.5. I started out drinking one half oz for each pound I was so if your 150 lb's you should drink 75 oz of Kangen water a day as an example. I also have way way more energy that I have had in a long long time. I used to have to drink 3 to 4 energy drinks a day to make it through and now I drink none! I feel better I look better and I'm exited because I have found something that works! There are thousands of stories out there about folks getting amazing results drinking Kangen water. People with fibromyalgia, MS, Cronin's, Chronic Fatigue, Body Pain, Diabetes, Migraines, and many more conditions changed there water and now have changed life's! I hear these people tell their stories every week about how like me they looked at the info they drank the water and their problem in lots of cases went away. It is still truly amazing to me. Well my hope is that you will take the time to go over the info and kick the tires, do the best thing you have ever done for your health and give Kangen water a try because if you change your water you will change your life!

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