EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc. Announced the New Version of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc. announced the new version of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL - a high performance tool for PostgreSQL administration and development.

EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc., leader in database administration software development, announced the release of a new version of the popular PostgreSQL administration and development tool - EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL. You can download the newest version from:

Complete solution for PostgreSQL administration and development

EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL provides outstanding opportunities for developers and administrators of varying skill levels and is essential for accomplishing routine jobs. EMS SQL Manager is a time saver and will empower you to do more compared to built-in administration tools and other software developers' products. EMS SQL Manager allows you to automate database object management to the maximum, to rapidly create and execute SQL queries, and to manage PostgreSQL data more efficiently. Data export and import, creating reports and diagrams with the help of handy wizards will greatly ease your work with PostgreSQL.

The information about other features of the EMS SQL Manager family products, as well as further details on pricing, upgrade and support policies, is available at http://www.sqlmanager.net

What's new in SQL Manager for PostgreSQL 4.8?

- Added support of new PostgreSQL 9.0 features.
- Procedure Editor. Now when pressing the Tab button in the parameters table, the focus is moved to the next table cell.
- DB Explorer. If the display of system objects is enabled, the table's row types are displayed in the Composite Types branch.
- Other small improvements and bugfixes.

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