EMS Consultants Announces Name Change to Elevos and Reveals New Brand Identity With Redesigned Logo, Messaging and Website

Name change comes at a time when the company is evolving its product and service offerings and expanding into new markets


In a perfect reflection of its devotion to improvement, EMS Consultants is proud to announce its name change to Elevos, along with a completely new brand identity, streamlined messaging, and updated website. While the company is adopting a new name, one thing hasn’t changed: its can-do attitude and dedication to staying true to its mission of elevating patient care. Elevos provides clarity into its customers’ revenue cycles, so they can get paid faster and fuller and focus on their most important job: saving lives.

As Elevos CEO Roby Sanchez said, “Our new website and brand identity better reflect our mission and commitment to always be innovating and growing to the next level so we can equip our customers to better serve their communities.”

The changes come at a time when the company is evolving its product and service offerings and expanding into new markets. EMS Consultants has over 20 years of experience providing managed billing software and services to EMS operators. As Elevos, the company will release a new cloud-based version of its electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) tool and revenue cycle management solution which will include more robust analytics and reporting capabilities. A telemedicine solution focused on uniting the treatment team that provides care throughout a patient’s entire journey is also in the works.

As Roby Sanchez explains, the new name more accurately represents the company’s objective to elevate and support its customers. “Elevos is laser-focused on helping our customers better serve their communities and, in turn, elevate the quality of life in those communities by providing access to better healthcare.” The logo supports that message and evokes a feeling of confidence with a well-lit road moving forward into the future with purpose. Along with the website’s updated and simplified messaging, this redesign perfectly places Elevos as a leader in healthcare technology.

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About Elevos:

Elevos offers an integrated suite of revenue management and reporting solutions for EMS agencies that enable them to transform the way they care for their communities while fortifying financial health. With 30+ years of experience and 250+ clients, Elevos has the in-depth knowledge and expertise to get their customers paid faster and fuller so they focus on their most important job: saving lives. Learn more at elevos.com.

Contact Info:
Contact Person: Roby Sanchez
Company: Elevos
Company URL: www.elevos.com
Phone: 800-342-5460

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