Empowerment Marketing, Inc.: Communication Builds Teams

Citing a study conducted by researchers at MIT, Empowerment Marketing, Inc.'s President discussed the communication goals that will help him continue to cultivate and lead a world-class sales and marketing firm.

​According to TJ, Empowerment Marketing, Inc.’s President, management at the firm is dedicated to the creation of a collaborative environment. “Everything we do here is done by a team,” TJ explained. “We absolutely respect the individuality of our team members, and do everything in our power to help them achieve their personal goals. However, in order for our firm to continue to provide the world-class services for which we’ve become known, each person must be willing and able to combine their talents for the good of the whole.”

TJ was willing to admit that this is easier said than done, though he was also quick to point out how well the Empowerment Marketing, Inc. team has accomplished this in the past. New research done at MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory has just made creating a team environment quite a bit simpler though. What researchers have discovered is that building a high-performance crew really comes down to communication.

“The findings are very exciting,” TJ proclaimed. “The basic gist is that there are three different dimensions of communication which can predict with almost 100 percent accuracy how effective a team will be. These are energy, engagement, and exploration. The level of energy with which your team members interact with one another, how engaged they are with each other, and how often they explore connections with other teams will determine how much your group can achieve.”

Empowerment Marketing, Inc.’s President Shares Goal-Setting Techniques to Improve Team Dynamics

Using the information from the MIT study, TJ feels confident that he and the other leaders at Empowerment Marketing, Inc. can set goals that encourage greater collaboration. For example, to increase engagement, the President will encourage more team-building activities outside normal business hours, like bowling nights and potluck dinners. These will also help foster more exploratory communication scenarios as well, because experts in different areas are able to interact with each other at these events.

“Energy will require the most creative solution, but I’m confident that management here at Empowerment Marketing, Inc. can handle the challenge,” TJ stated. “I’m certain it will involve modeling the correct behavior, and also identifying energy drains on a team. Armed with this new information, I believe 2016 will be our best year yet.”

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