Employers Must Prepare Themselves for the Great Resignation to Continue

New study finds nearly half of all employees consider quitting their jobs in the next six months

Factors Driving Workers To Quit

 Today, PlanBeyond, a marketing research and strategy firm, released findings from the company's study, "The Great Resignation Research Report: What's Really Driving American Employees To Give their Two Weeks' Notice." The report uncovers the factors leading employees to consider quitting in 2022 and also the factors that have little influence on attrition. 

Featuring survey findings from over 1,000 U.S. full-time employees between the ages of 18-64, the study asked respondents about their plans to quit their jobs in the next six months as well as their attitudes toward other work-related issues including feelings about their managers and colleagues, compensation, and professional growth opportunities.

Key survey insights include:

  • The Great Resignation Is Not Over. 42% of employees are considering quitting in the next six months. While men and women are equally split, there is a greater tendency for employees ages 44 and younger to consider quitting.
  • Appreciation Is a Powerful Retention Factor. The biggest force behind considering quitting was feeling unappreciated (21%). 
  • Women Are Extremely Impacted By Poor Supervisors. While not a major factor for men, lack of respect or trust in their supervisor is the #1 influencer of women considering quitting their job. 
  • Employees Want to Be Themselves at Work. A top factor behind employees thinking about quitting is not being able to be themselves on the job. Remarkably, this factor was especially pronounced among employees 35-44 (31%) and 45-54 (24%) years of age. 
  • Compensation & Workplace Flexibility Are Not Attrition Factors. Neither workplace inflexibility nor disappointment with compensation were significant attrition drivers, a dynamic true across genders and ages. 

"What's remarkable about these findings is that keeping employees still comes down to age-old interpersonal dynamics," said Laura Troyani, PlanBeyond's Principal. "We hear issues like compensation or work-from-home dynamics pointed to time and time again as Great Recession culprits. Yet the data shows us that keeping employees still comes down to treating them well and showing them that they are appreciated." 

Find a complete copy of the report and its findings here

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Source: PlanBeyond