Emile Cohl Atelier Expands Its Commitment to Disrupting the Art Education System Through Elite Instruction and Student Growth

New Los Angeles preparatory school provides hands-on, in-person classes to complement the institute's existing Career Accelerator Program.

Art by Sebastien Pierlet

Emile Cohl Atelier is launching its Preparatory School Program as an extension of the institute's Career Accelerator Program led by devoted staff and talented faculty who successfully placed its first class of graduates into the highly competitive creative workforce in 2021.

Combining two elite and rigorously structured art programs under one roof allows ECA to begin educating and nurturing high school students to concentrate on their long-term creative career goals inside a disciplined and immersive environment. 

ECA helps high school students expand and perfect their essential drawing skills, artistic fundamentals, and portfolio design capabilities to take the next step into post-secondary education at elite institutions like ECA's Career Accelerator Program that transforms talented artists into driven studio professionals.

Both ECA programs are designed to solidify students' positions as elite artists who use the skills and resources provided by their highly accomplished advisors that translate into real-world proficiencies in careers that demand top-notch candidates. 

Creative disciplines do not require a six-figure art school degree; they require substantial talent that aspiring artists can attain through ECA's combined Prep School and Career Accelerator programs to envision their long-term employment goals and fast-track their paths to success. 

By expanding their commitment to disrupt art education in the United States, ECA's exclusive curriculums are now available to aspiring artists through paid programs and scholarships for talented and deserving candidates preparing to enter the creative workforce. 

Spring 2022 will welcome deserving and exceptionally talented high school students who will join Emile Cohl Atelier Preparatory School for its inaugural Spring 2022 semester and merit-based enrollees in the Career Accelerator Program who can mold their career paths and open limitless doors in creative industries. 

Emile Cohl Atelier believes in providing inclusive art school educational opportunities for those who may not have the prospects afforded to others. Because at ECA, talent knows no bounds. 

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Source: Emile Cohl Atelier