Emerging Wound Care Therapy Now Heals Limbs Previously Scheduled for Amputation

Finally, a Solution to Help Prevent Unnecessary Amputations for Veterans, the Elderly, Diabetics, and Other Wound Victims and Relevant Patient Populations in the US and Internationally

AVANTI and Numotech

AVANTI Technologies Inc. (AVANTI) nursing team supports Los Angeles medical device company, Numotech Inc., to address one of health care's biggest challenges - nonhealing wounds that up until now often led to limb amputations. The Numobag® Kit, a wound treatment solution proven to heal severe wounds in record time, was utilized by AVANTI's dedicated nurses to save an elderly patient's limb which was scheduled for amputation. One major result is the significant elimination of many amputations representing both an enormous and growing costly healthcare problem in the United States and throughout the world. See the Numobag®​ website (https://www.numobag.com).

A recent clinical study entitled "A Disruptive Treatment to Prevent Amputation and Enhance Limb Salvage in an Elderly Patient" profiles a 95-year-old patient presented with a stage IV chronic and advance infected wound on her lower left leg. Medical tests revealed a life-threatening condition that was leading to a potential amputation of her left leg. After extensive and intensive traditional wound therapies were unsuccessful, the introduction of an adjunctive treatment was made with topical hyperbaric oxygen therapy (THOT®) that saw complete healing of the wound within 15 weeks. The wound closed, without the presence of scar tissue, and there were no signs of wound breakdown at three- and six-month follow-ups, thus eliminating the need for amputation.

Therapy innovator Numotech, Inc. is a medical device manufacturer that develops and produces low-cost cutting-edge wound treatment medical devices to meet a wide range of unmet wound care needs, and the Numobag® is the first of its FDA approved medical products to be put into full patient care service. AVANTI provides the nursing, clinical training and support for the Numobag®. The innovative product is a lightweight, portable and disposable membrane for one-time use only. As a medical device innovation, the Numobag® significantly advances the use of low-pressure oxygen as a drug and takes oxygen therapy to the next level of effectiveness, thus quickly promoting blood vessel growth and angiogenesis. The Numobag® heals many wound conditions including diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, burns with limited or no scarring, necrotizing fasciitis and has no precautions for use, unlike most other wound care therapies.

The wound care market demand is driven principally by the dramatic rise in diabetic wounds, as diabetes rates soar, and the chronic wounds of the elderly (particularly bed sores), given their ever-lengthening lives. Nearly 10% or 30.3 million of the country's population is diabetic and wound care spending on just diabetes ulcers care adds $9 billion to $13 billion to the direct yearly costs associated with diabetes. The American Diabetes Association released research on March 22, 2018, estimating the total costs of diagnosed diabetes rose to $327 billion in 2017 from $245 billion in 2012. The emergence of Numobag® has created fresh demand for nurses to help administer the treatment, and a new career opportunity for qualified medical professionals.

"I am incredibly proud of the exceptional work of the AVANTI nursing team serving the elderly patient in the Study. We recognize the looming growth in the elderly population and the immense increase in wound care needs of this population as well as the rapid rising cost, but the Numobag® treatment is highly effective and inexpensive," said Col. Jose Negron (Retired US Air Force), President and CEO of AVANTI Technologies, Inc. "We are always on the lookout for new candidates in the medical field who want to find out more about this unique opportunity."

A study done by the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy estimates that the total lifetime cost of a traumatic amputation is $509,272. This amount includes the patient's initial hospitalization costs, the cost of follow-up hospitalizations, inpatient rehabilitative services, outpatient doctor visits, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and the costs of prostheses.

Surprisingly, current wound treatment methods do not deliver the superior treatment outcomes we have come to expect from the healthcare industry even when they come with hefty price tags. The Numobag® changes that dynamic by delivering strong patient satisfaction quickly; and its ability to preserve at-risk patients' fingers, toes, feet and legs is life-changing. Plus, the Numobag® is easy to administer in a range of healthcare settings and available to any patient because of the absence of use restrictions, making it an ideal solution for treating greater numbers of patients quickly and more cost-effectively.

"We are gratified knowing that once the Numobag® is in wide circulation, at-risk patients will have at their disposal the wound treatment results they deserve, and their physicians should expect. Wide application of this device and treatment will lower costs and raise patient outcomes and quality of life," added Robert Felton, President and CEO of Numotech, Inc.

The Numobag® brings disruptive technology to a costly and ever-growing market in need of it and relief to those suffering from chronic wounds, many leading to life-changing amputations.

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Numotech, Inc. is a premier wound-care company headquartered in Northridge, CA. Numotech specializes in the research, design, manufacture and marketing of wound care treatment and prevention products for advanced-stage wounds.

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AVANTI Technologies, Inc. is a minority-owned, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), and an 8(a) certified small business dedicated to excellence. It was founded in May 2006 to assist commercial companies and government agencies. AVANTI has grown from a single individual contractor to a fully staffed consulting business competing and positioning itself as a prime and subcontractor to government and commercial contracts. The firm provides a full range of clinical support services for the Numobag® Kit. Their credentialed and certified nurses provide on-site clinical certification, training and service for patient care in the US and internationally.

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