Emerging Trends in Restaurants and Restaurant Furniture for 2021

New consumer preferences and behaviors are changing how restaurants operate in the new year

Restaurant Furniture

Bistro Tables and Bases, a leading restaurant furniture supply store, is here to help restaurant owners adapt to new and emerging trends, from offering high-quality restaurant furniture wholesale to guidance in selecting the best outdoor furniture material for all-season dining. 

In 2020 and into 2021, the pandemic caused a major shift in the dining behaviors of patrons that affected not just how restaurants operate on a large scale but how they invest in things like restaurant furniture, in-person dining experiences, and carryout offerings.

With over 16 years of experience in the restaurant furniture industry, the team at Bistro Tables and Bases understands the demands of restaurant life. Today they are sharing some of the biggest trends for owners to be aware of:

The rise in outdoor dining. According to Bistro Tables and Bases, more restaurants than ever before have turned to outdoor dining as a way to keep revenue coming in, even in winter months. This has meant a push for better winter patio furniture, including outdoor restaurant furniture that can hold up to increased patio traffic regardless of the conditions outside.

Elevated carryout options. The team at Bistro Tables and Bases suggests that carryout used to be a side thought, but now, it's just as crucial to offer a streamlined carryout experience as it is to offer great in-person dining. In many cases, this has meant exploring new innovations like meal kits, drinks to-go, and enhanced websites and click-and-collect offerings.

New priority on health and safety. The team at Bistro Tables and Bases predicts that even when the risks have minimized, owners can expect to see higher consumer expectations around health and safety. This will mean things like improving sanitization of restaurant furniture in between guests, as well as establishing new best practices around cleanliness and food sharing.

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