Emerging Artist Christian Parker Releases 'Every Passing Mile' with SubCat Records

The country album features 13 tracks inspired by Parker's future vision of the world.

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Christian Parker, a New York-based songwriter, American recording artist, and guitarist, has officially released his newest album "Every Passing Mile" with SubCat Records. The album includes 13 songs, the majority of which were written by Parker and the opening track "Cast a Line" with his longtime friend and mentor, Peter Pendras, during the initial COVID-19 shutdown period. The album was distributed by The Orchard, an award-winning division of Sony Music Entertainment, through an exclusive partnership with Edgewater Music Group.

"Cast a Line" was inspired by the impending events that Parker believes are soon to occur. 

"For me, the phrase 'Cast a Line' was inspired by the pandemic and all the stories of the people affected," said Parker. Having co-written the track with Pendras in late 2020, the duo collaborated from afar, remotely sharing rough demo and lyrical ideas until it was complete.

According to Parker, the final line of the song, "Cast a line when a star falls in the sky, there's no need to cry, cause it's falling," represents finding hope in a desperate situation. The track's music video portrays a couple falling in love in the mid-1960s, with an era-correct car following the opening scene to carry the viewer through the entire song as the story progresses into the future. The video's relatable theme makes for an engaging experience that encourages viewers to watch until the end to find out how the story concludes.

"Many stories were cut short, especially for the baby boomers. During production, Peter was very supportive and helped me stay focused on releasing the album. I sent him a demo of a sketch on acoustic guitar laying out a potential verse and chorus structure. The title 'Cast a Line' was present, but its core message was not obvious until Peter delivered some beautiful imagery describing the loss of a dear friend through his lyrical contribution." Parker was working on tracks from an unreleased album titled, "Best Kept Secret" when he came to the realization that he had enough material and a concrete direction for an entirely separate album.

The record also includes contributions from Phil Hurley, a founding member of Gigolo Aunts and lead guitarist for Tracy Bonham, Lisa Loeb, and Fountains of Wayne. Hurley contributed vocals and electric guitar to create a beautiful pop landscape, with a "big chorus" sound. Hurley also contributed all the backing vocals on the album, as well as some guitar tracks.

The album was co-produced by Ron Keck, who also served as Parker's recording engineer. The mastering of the album was managed by Larry Lachmann of Kevorkian Mastering in New York City.

"Best Kept Secret' is scheduled for release in June 2022. 

"Every Passing Mile" is available for download on Apple Music and Spotify. To purchase the album, please visit https://christianparker.com/albums/every-passing-mile

About Christian Parker

Christian Parker is a seasoned songwriter, American recording artist, and guitarist. 

In equal measurements of melodic color and rhythmic flair, Christian's dazzling collection of songs has been warming the hearts of listeners over the past three and a half decades. By pivoting his lyricism around emotion, tension, and hope, Parker has carved out a sound that constantly keeps the listener craving more, with songs that elegantly weave through a tapestry of pensive acoustic and chiming electric guitars with unforgettable hooks.

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