Emergency Call Box Supported With Helical Piles

Emergency Call Boxes Supported San Diego, California

Wanting to add emergency CASE call boxes to their campus, the University of California San Diego (UCSD) soon realized they needed a more permanent, quick and minimally invasive foundation solution to support the call boxes. CASE had worked with Ram Jack in the past on other projects, so Ram Jack Pacific was brought in to help find the solution for the installation. Working alongside Case Systems Inc., Ram Jack implemented foundation stabilization using helical piles, allowing UCSD to provide students with a safer campus.

To provide safety and convenience to students, the large, 2,141-acre University of California San Diego decided to add a number of CASE emergency call boxes to their campus. The problem? Excessive traffic and campus size demanded a faster and more favorable method of supporting the boxes than caisson footings. Given CASE Systems Inc. had worked with Ram Jack in the past, UCSD contacted Ram Jack Pacific.

CASE and Ram Jack engineers decided that helical piles would be the best solution, coupled with a custom helical mount to provide reliable support. Once the plan was accepted and the mount designed, Ram Jack quickly got to work.

Much to UCSD’s satisfaction, Ram Jack Pacific successfully installed the piles, mounts and call boxes in a fast and efficient manner, spending no more than 45 minutes at any given station. Thanks to Ram Jack, UCSD’s safety precautions will remain intact for years to come.

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