​Emerald Lake Safety Presenting Multiple Posters at September 23-25 ACCP Meetings in Maryland

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Emerald Lake Safety (“ELS”), an independent group researching ways to reduce the dangerous side effects associated with prescription pharmaceuticals, will present three posters on Sept. 23-25 at the 2018 American College of Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP) meetings in Bethesda, Maryland.

The Posters will address newly discovered and clinically validated drug-drug interactions and drug-disease interactions and what doctors need to do to avoid them. 

“We are proud to be sharing these important safety findings with other researchers and medical professionals,” said Sundar Srinivasan, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Emerald Lake Safety. “These discoveries are the fruit of a broad clinical research program ELS is conducting to reduce Serious Adverse Events associated with pharmaceutical use. In addition to these posters, ELS’ clinical work has led to the publication of five peer-reviewed articles in 2018.” 

ELS said that in some cases, participating doctors will receive continuing education credits through ACCP’s CME and CPE programs.

Srinivasan said ELS’ mission is to pursue high quality clinical and genomic research that can clearly establish potential sources of Serious Adverse Events arising from the use of marketed pharmaceuticals. 

“Generally multi-million dollar projects, robust clinical trials like these are beyond the scope of most independent investigators. Yet they are necessary to secure regulatory support for changes in how a drug is used,“ he said. “Such changes mean fewer adverse events, allowing doctors to deliver more benefit with less risk.”

According to a recent analysis by Yale researchers, of the 222 drugs approved in a 10-year cohort between 2001 and 2010, 123 (55%) had major post-marketing safety events, resulting in three withdrawals, 61 black box warnings and 59 FDA-issued safety communications.

For more information about ELS visit www.emeraldlakesafety.com.

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