EMEET Lowers Prices on Audio and Video Technology

EMEET Revolutionizes Audio and Video with Advanced AI Technology, Reduces Prices to Give Back to Consumers

EMEET products

Over the years, EMEET has established a strong supply system. EMEET's supply chain is manufacturing modular components for both its hardware and software across all product lines, which greatly reduced the cost again. That being said, the brand is glad to announce that it will adjust the price down for many of its products.

EMEET'S Webcam Lineup

The EMEET S600 streaming camera boasts exceptional features for the best quality live streaming experience. With a 4K UHD camera, it delivers higher-quality images compared to normal webcams. It also has 1080P 60FPS for a smoother video experience, making it ideal for live game streaming and blogging. Additionally, the camera has an autofocus and automatic light adjustment feature to avoid losing focus and handle tricky lighting. Now priced at $69.99.

Amazon Best Seller - Webcam The EMEET C960 computer webcam with Privacy Cover offers professional-grade video quality with a fixed focal length that provides sharper images. Customers can also consider the new EMEET C960 kit. The flexible tripod offers three adjustable heights, making it perfect for different video/conferencing needs.

The EMEET meeting capsule offers a 360° panoramic 1080P HD camera, 8 omnidirectional microphones, and a 10W Hi-Fi speaker. It features EMEET's exclusive VoiceIA tech for noise reduction, echo cancellation, human voice strengthening, and a full duplex to ensure clear audio quality in a sphere of an 18ft radius. 

EMEET'S Speakerphone Lineup

Amazon Best Seller - Speakerphone The EMEET Luna conference speaker is a must-have device for any home office. It features VoiceIA noise reduction technology that eliminates background noise, ensuring an effective remote meeting. The ultra-clear sound and speech enhancement function provides a smooth call experience, and the maximum volume has been increased to 85 dB for larger conference rooms. 

New Release The EMEET M0 Plus speakerphone is a versatile and flexible device that is perfect for any meeting scenario. With four mic-arrays and enhanced 360° voice pickup, everyone's audio is picked up clearly, while the high-quality speaker spreads sound evenly throughout the room. 

To experience the latest in audio and video technology, visit the links above and take advantage of the new, lower prices.

EMEET is a global company that values every individual in a meeting. They create intelligent audio and video communication products and services using self-developed AI. With over 200 patents and a global presence, they serve more than 3 billion people. EMEET's mission is to create a better world through better communication.

Source: EMEET