EME GmbH Deploys Advanced SCADA System on Wisej

Wisej Powers SCADA Systems on the Web

EME Applicaction on Wisej

Germany-based EME GmbH, a worldwide supplier of batch preparation and batch charging technologies for the glass industry, has released a new version of their advanced SCADA system based on Wisej, an enterprise web framework for .NET from Ice Tea Group, LLC. The mission-critical software powers hundreds of plants around the globe. Using Wisej as the basis for all future development allows EME to seamlessly integrate new modules based on upcoming technologies in a modern web environment.

The new EME web application is in charge of batch handling, recipe management, and predictive maintenance for client sites. Open Platform Communication (OPC) servers provide a way for users, using a regular browser, to interact with devices, plants, and other software modules in real time. The batch system is accessible from any type of device without the installation of additional software.

Wisej's extensive control suite and flat learning curve for traditional desktop developers (WinForms, WPF, MFC, VB6, FoxPro, and others) helped EME modernize their complex system  to become a cross-platform web application in a matter of months.

For more information visit https://wisej.com/case-studies/eme-gmbh.

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