Embracing Global Purity in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic: HDM Coatings Corporation Offers Anti-Viral Coating Solutions

Logo and Business Card of HDM Coatings Corp. President

HDM Coatings Corporation, under the umbrella of HDM Global Corporation, is announcing its official product launch of PurityPRO. Its mission is “Embracing Global Purity,” and it is achieving that through its patented, safe, and effective additive. HDM Coatings Corp. is proudly offering anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-pest, and anti-mold additives for topcoats and textile sprays. PurityPRO is available for transportation, hospitality, industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

“We love what we do! We came together to make a change, and we wouldn’t be here otherwise.” – Donald M Meade, Inventor of PurityPRO’s additive.

Protecting against pathogens by providing anti-viral environments, HDM Coatings Corp. is the beginning of a new era. COVID-19 is causing devastating effects around the globe and social health practices are constantly evolving. Until this global pandemic, consumers were not receptive to the anti-viral benefits of HDM’s patented products. HDM’s additive is proudly being used in LiceSquad’s hair solution and is doctor-approved and parent- and teacher-trusted. It is also used in HealthGuard, through Simcoe Plastics, providing safe drinking water in India. With new social health awareness, HDM Coatings Corp. can now bring safe and hygienic environments to the globe.

“The time for change is now!” – Donald M Meade.

Canadian-based HDM Coatings Corporation, founded in early 2020, is utilizing an additive that has been in use by its umbrella corporation for nearly 20 years. With the mission statement of “Embracing Global Purity,” HDM Coatings Corp. is offering an all-in-one product called PurityPRO. Learn more at www.hdmglobal.ca. It eradicates pathogens, mold, fungi, and pests on treated surfaces for a guaranteed five years. As a startup company, HDM Coatings Corp. has a small but mighty team working on manufacturing, distribution, sales, and training to provide safe and hygienic environments for a better tomorrow.

Contact: Trevor Perkin
Phone:  1-519-318-8905
Email:  trevor@hdmglobal.ca​


Source: HDM Coatings Corporation