Emanation Marketing Group Ready for a Productive 2016

The leaders at Emanation Marketing Group are pleased to end 2015 on a high note. The company's Director of Operations discussed productivity plans and goals for a successful 2016.

“As my team and I conclude another amazing year, we’re already focused on making 2016 the best year ever,” said Samantha, Emanation Marketing Group’s Director of Operations. “The last thing we want to do is get comfortable with our success thus far. There’s no time for complacency in the competitive world of business. Instead, we’re leveraging the momentum we’ve built to propel our firm ahead of the competition.”

One of Samantha’s top priorities for the new year is to launch a targeted recruitment push. The interactive sales promotions for which Emanation Marketing Group is known are in high demand. With growing interest in the company’s comprehensive services, the Director knows additional talent is needed to accommodate new accounts.

"I'm looking for driven and passionate people with bright ambition,"

Samantha , Director of Operations

“I’m looking for driven and passionate people with bright ambition,” Samantha stated. “The ideal candidates are eager to learn and work in a team-focused setting. In return for their hard work, we offer continuous training and coaching, merit-based advancement opportunities, and a number of other perks. Anyone who is interested can contact us or apply through our website.”

Leadership at Emanation Marketing Group Enhances Productivity

“My colleagues and I value new hires for a lot of reasons,” Samantha continued. “In particular, I appreciate that they bring fresh perspectives to the group. They aren’t stuck in certain ways of doing things. As such, they’re usually more adaptable to procedural changes and other policy improvements. When they jump on board with new practices, our more senior team members are apt to do so as well.”

Samantha indicated that such adaptability is important, because Emanation Marketing Group will be undergoing some productivity-enhancing changes in 2016. Although the team already performs at a high level, she pointed out that productivity is an area that should consistently be strengthened. Some points of focus will be on less frequent use of smartphones and social media, which are harmful distractions. Multitasking, which has been scientifically proven to be counterproductive, will also be discouraged.

“I certainly don’t have any intention of walking into the office in the beginning of January, making unreasonable and unexpected demands,” Samantha concluded. “It’s going to take some time to readjust our habits. With a bit of extra effort, however, I’m certain we’ll be more productive than anyone thought possible!”

About Emanation Marketing Group

Emanation Marketing Group leads the industry in interactive promotions that build excitement for emerging and established products. The team uses advanced data to create targeted campaigns focused on the unique needs of each buyer. Due to its success, Emanation Marketing Group has gained the trust of countless brands and has also experienced growth into new regions. Many businesses have realized revenue increases as a result of the firm’s unique promotional events.