Emanation Marketing Group Celebrates Promotion

The Emanation Marketing Group leadership team works hard to maintain a culture of growth within the firm. The company CEO announced the most recent team member advancement, as well as her plans for team expansion.

“In our workplace, people know that by performing to the best of their abilities and staying focused on their goals, they will earn ample recognition,” said Tabatha, the CEO of Emanation Marketing Group. “Promotion is one of the ways my colleagues and I recognize associates, and Sarah M. has most recently proven herself to be quite accomplished.”

Tabatha explained that Sarah is the third person from the firm to be promoted to management in the past year. Her promotion follows those of Nicole O. and Stephanie R., who have welcomed her to the role. Filling a management position is quite an accomplishment, and a testament to the success and drive of everyone at Emanation Marketing Group. 

“Sarah has a background in hospitality, which no doubt has helped her move up the ranks with her excellent customer service skills,” stated Tabatha. “She is quite competitive, a quality that helped her persevere throughout the training program and feeds her drive for success. I’m incredibly excited to recognize Sarah, and I’m confident she will continue to reach for greater heights of excellence.”

As team members advance to higher levels within the firm, the managers look to hire more talent to fill entry-level ranks. Per Tabatha, this system facilitates the nonstop growth of ambitious professionals. She is currently overseeing a hiring push, and invites interested parties to visit the company website to apply or learn more.

Emanation Marketing Group CEO Discusses Advancement Philosophy

“As my colleagues and I onboard new people and help them advance along their career paths, we adhere to a philosophy that keeps everything running smoothly,” Tabatha continued. “For instance, we make sure the individuals we are to hire or promote have the appropriate skills to take on bigger responsibilities. It’s about positive attitude, passion, and the ability to communicate well – not just a great résumé or a project well done.”

When transitioning occurs within the Emanation Marketing Group team, Tabatha also makes sure the entire group is prepared for the ripple effects. She carefully monitors how everything functions, and makes herself available to help iron out any wrinkles along the way.

“We’re fortunate to operate in such a supportive environment,” Tabatha concluded. “Instead of competing with one another, we encourage one another and share every victory. It’s no wonder so many people to join our team!”

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Emanation Marketing Group leads the industry in interactive promotions that build excitement for emerging and established products. The team uses advanced data to create targeted campaigns focused on the unique needs of each buyer. Due to its success, Emanation Marketing Group has gained the trust of countless brands and has also experienced growth into new regions. Many businesses have realized revenue increases as a result of the firm’s unique promotional events. ​

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