ELU Shortlisted for "Reimagine Education" Awards

Groundbreaking ELU programs in faculty development and employment in the retail sector are finalists for recognition and funding.


European Leadership University, an innovator in employment guaranteed degree programs, today announces shortlisted status for an award in the third annual Wharton-QS STARS “Reimagine Education” competition – the global awards for innovative higher education pedagogies enhancing learning and employability.

About the Awards

There is a global mismatch between the skills and knowledge that business students have upon graduating and the expectations of hiring companies.

Dr. Joan Bigham, ELU Vice President and Developer of the "Disruptive Innovation in Faculty" (DIF) Program

In 2014, QS Quacquarelli Symonds entered into a partnership with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to launch the first global competition designed to identify the most innovative, novel approaches to higher education. Believing that current pedagogical approaches are not preparing higher education students sufficiently for employment, and that outdated approaches are failing to prepare the leaders, entrepreneurs and thinkers the world needs now, Reimagine Education looks for projects that are both innovative and scalable. An international panel of 40 distinguished judges evaluates the best projects and selects winning entries in 15 award categories.

About European Leadership University

European Leadership University is recognized as the provider of affordable and accredited business education aimed at developing employable talent. ELU attracts a wide spectrum of local and international students through its technology led hybrid learning model of online, classroom and work-based education, while remaining competitively priced to ensure students of all backgrounds are eligible. ELU is at the cutting edge of the education industry, trend setting the future of business education within the region while helping shape its evolution across a variety of innovative and technological platforms.

Shortlisted Programs Nurture Employability

The two programs for which ELU is shortlisted for the top award are in the “Nurturing Employability” category. “There is a global mismatch between the skills and knowledge that business students have upon graduating and the expectations of hiring companies,” says Dr. Joan Bigham, ELU vice president and developer of the “Disruptive Innovation in Faculty” (DIF) program. “More than half of recent graduates are either unemployed or underemployed. Faculty can be the creators of learning experiences that shape students for a successful career, but too often they lack preparation for this evolving role. Our DIF project tackles this issue from a bold new perspective; recruiting and supporting an international business faculty with the skills to engage the whole student, fully qualifying that student for a job upon graduation.”

The “Retail Stars” program, developed and proposed for an award by ELU President Alper Utku, also tackles the question of employability. As Utku explains, Retail Stars is a newly implemented program offering accredited business degrees linked to retail careers for young people in partnership with leading retail employers. “Thanks to 25 years of professional education expertise through ELU’s founders, we are able to offer a solution to the skills gap that delivers competency-based degree programs with guaranteed employment in key retail jobs.”

Further details on these and other ELU programs are available by contacting Dr. Bigham, who will be presenting both shortlisted programs at the Wharton-QS Reimagining Education Awards Conference in Philadelphia December 5-6, 2016.



Alper Utku, President
Joan Bigham, Vice President

Source: European Leadership University


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