Elsevier Publishes a Scientific Textbook About a New Mathematical Discovery Found in a Near-death Experience

This new geometric structure matches the dynamics of living and life-like systems and has applications in general systems theory, universal systems modelling, human clinical molecular genetics modelling, medical informatics, astrobiology and others.

"The light was getting brighter and warmer as I moved through the tunnel. Arriving at the pinnacle, standing at the entrance to the light, I took a single step and left my right footprint embedded in Eternity. Entering a sacred space a place, I returned to my essential nature, feeling whole and wholly, consciously united with the Source of all things. In one ephemeral glimpse, I saw The Pattern, the single strand of the tapestry of creation. My knowing was that I was looking at life itself, light spinning time and space; transforming energy into matter. The shape of love, the essence of everything, I knew love is the heart of all that matters. While preparing to meld into the Source of light, the Pattern the core of every substance, a single step was the first in a dance that would take me to the point of Infinite light. Inhaling, I prepared to take the next step as the exhalation of love, the Life Force of the Universe, carried me home..."

This unique near-death experience happened to Lynnclaire Dennis during an accident while racing a hot air balloon across the Austrian Alps in 1987. Instead of seeing God, she saw a complex geometric structure - a knot of Light she recognized was a representation of pure love. From that day she called this knot "The Pattern." With no knowledge of mathematics or geometry, Dennis was able to provide a detailed description of this dynamic structure. According to the University of Illinois Chicago knot theorist, Dr. Louis H. Kauffman, The Pattern is a previously unknown version of the Trefoil knot. It is geospherical and polarized. In 1998, the relationship between the knot and the geometry was verified by Robert W. Gray, a protegee of renowned geometer R. Buckminster Fuller. Because of this, the scientific interest Dennis had attracted solidified. The Mereon Matrix captured the attention of top scientists around the world when its Prime Frequency derived by the mathematics - a "rational" golden ration - generated the entire Matrix in a natural medium: water.

A scientific textbook was published recently about this discovery entitled "The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox" (http://store.elsevier.com/product.jsp?isbn=9780124046139) by Elsevier, the world's leading provider of science and health information. Dennis and her co-authors, a mathematician, astrobiologists, medical doctors, geneticists, and experts in medical informatics present the fundamentals; they explore the Pattern match between the Mereon Matrix and multiple scientific and social domains. The authors present solutions for multiple paradoxes showing how the Matrix is a "both/and" system where perspective is its key. The implications of revealing how diversity is the key to unity, and how diversity is the product of unity are profound. They also show how the Mereon Matrix's sequential process generates a coherent link to living and non-living systems whether they are physical, mathematical, philosophical, or social.

Using the Mereon Matrix, Dennis designed an educational project called "BeLonging" articulated to revise learning. After visiting schools where BeLonging has been implemented for a decade, one expert said, "BeLonging is to education what Google is to the Internet." [See Chapter 4, Elsevier 2013, Dennis et al.] BeLonging has also been implemented for a decade in schools in Mirano, Venice, Italy. Dr. Alessio Morassut, the superintendent of schools there, said "What this project has brought out of our teachers, learners, schools and our community is almost unimaginable." The Belonging project was a runner up for the 2007 Copenhagen Index Award because of the positive benefits it brought to an entire community.

Other social applications of the Mereon Matrix include projects covering: children at risk; coherent decision making; personal development; professional development; HR as human relationships; and self-Organizational Dynamics for sustainable businesses. The focus of these projects is to unite logic and meaning to strengthen human relationships and mend ruptures in the social fabric both locally and globally. After two decades of research, the Mereon team has presented many theories and continues to ask many questions. Among them are:

+ In reference to physics, the Mereon Matrix's context is a 120/180 polyhedron with triangular faces - a geometric structure which may be the "mother" of all physical matter because it breathes and births new systems.

+ At the center of the Mereon Matrix is a core structure that is a pattern match for theories about the FCC structure of the nucleus of an atom.

+ Both of these structures define, and sequentially and dynamically unite, the fundamental forms we know to be the building blocks of matter: the Platonic and Kepler solids.

+ Astrobiologist Neville Nick Woolf used the Mereon Matrix to map the formation of matter starting with the Big Bang.

+ The Mereon Matrix is an articulation of fundamental creative processes on both the microscopic and macroscopic scale.

+ It is a dynamic process is currently being used as a template for a Universal Systems Model. Modelling human clinical molecular genetics is the first example of this application.

+ The Mereon Matrix is currently being explored in multiple scientific domains including alternative energy technologies, healing modalities and the ancient science of archaeoacoustics.

More Information About The Mereon Matrix (Textbook):

"The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox" is a 601-page textbook containing 250,000 words, 1500 images and 30 animations and is available at Elsevier.com. Companion Materials and Chapter Previews to the textbook are also available. A second book proposal requested by Elsevier is now in peer-review. Other books authored by Lynnclaire Dennis are available at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, BarnesAndNoble.com and other book and eBook retailers worldwide.

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Lynnclaire Dennis is a director and co-founder of The Mereon Legacy CIC, a UK based non-profit and community interest company, which provides services to the public and private sector around the globe. Their mission statement includes developing local and global projects that help individuals and organizations generate mutual understanding, find resolution and achieve transformation by generating profits and benefits for individuals and organizations.

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