Elite Movement Management Group's Holiday Traditions

Jenna, director of Elite Movement Management Group, discussed the strategies the firm's leadership has implemented to balance the need to maintain productivity during the holiday season while still making time to celebrate.

​Just as at most businesses, the company’s management faces the annual challenge of keeping up a high level of productivity as the holiday season approaches. Team members can become distracted by the additional demands of preparing for guests, shopping, or getting ready for trips back home.

Jenna described the status of business, saying, “At this point, our end-of-year preparations are in place. Our promotional campaigns are underway and ready for the shopping crush. We have tested the IT capacity for our brands to make sure their systems can handle the increased sales traffic.”

"We have many traditions that everyone looks forward to each year, such as our office party."

Jenna, Director

Despite the festive atmosphere everywhere, “Elite Movement Management Group’s team must still conduct business. We want our marketing specialists to enjoy the celebrations of the season, but we also need to keep our focus on the day-to-day tasks to keep our business strong,” the director stated.

One way Jenna and the managers at Elite Movement Management Group motivate their people during this season is by making a game of daily achievements. “We have many fun ways to note progress on projects. A box of homemade cookies for the team is a great way to reward achievement,” she stated.

“Every company is different and each has its own reward system. I have been asked many times how we determined what rewards would be the best motivators for our team during this time of year. My response is always, ‘We asked them,’” she added.

Company management understands that people are often very stressed at this time of the year due to the demands of the season. To relieve that stress, the company allows flex time so team members can run errands and shop.

Despite the focus on attending to business, the office is still a fun place to be. The music and decorations bring the holiday inside. Jenna described the celebrations at Elite Movement Management Group, “We have many traditions that everyone looks forward to each year, such as our office party.”

She and her managers have established traditions for their company, but advised, “Every group has its own ways of having fun during this season, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to do it. Some companies have gift exchanges, some have big parties, and others may have potluck lunches. It doesn't really matter exactly what traditions teams create, there just needs to be some type of celebrations to which they can look forward.”

Keeping Motivated and Productive During the Holiday Season Presents Unique Opportunities at Elite Movement Management Group

Most businesses are short-staffed between the Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays, with team members taking time off. Those who are keeping the office running can take advantage of the time to complete tasks that were moved to the bottom of the pile a long time ago. They are able to clean out old files and prepare for the upcoming year.

Whether an individual worked through the holidays or not, the team spirit peaks when they are all back together. As Jenna proudly stated, “Our people return to the office after the holidays with renewed energy. After having time to rest and relax , Elite Movement Management Group team members are ready to jump into the New Year. This is the mark of true professionals.”

About Elite Movement Management Group

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