Elite Mining Inc. to Keynote Mining Disrupt Conference, Introduce Green Crypto Mining Solutions

Elite Mining Inc. CEO Justin Podhola will introduce his company's cutting-edge Immersion Mining Pods and Elite Mobile Units during the keynote and will challenge the cryptocurrency mining industry to "go green" by using new technology solutions that reduce costs, increase revenue and emit less carbon than current generation immersion mining tech.

Elite Mining Inc. (EMI), the green energy-driven crypto mining operation, will be a featured keynote speaker at Mining Disrupt, the largest Bitcoin mining conference and expo in the United States. The conference is taking place July 21 in Miami, Florida. 

Elite Mining Inc., which has several facilities located throughout Washington state, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas, will share the VIP position with its partner, Minerset. Many cryptocurrency mining companies face serious controversy regarding the environmental effects of mining Bitcoin. Elite Mining Inc. strives to spread the word about its innovative, green-powered, mobile crypto-mining units. This technology offers a solution to reduce the carbon footprint of Bitcoin mining. 

While crypto mining is notoriously hard on the environment because of its significant carbon footprint, Elite Mining Inc. is paving the way toward a greener form of crypto mining. The company has been using green energy since 2017. EMI currently operates with 94% renewable energy sources, including hydropower. EMI's mining operation will be 99% green after implementing the use of solar and wind power technology. 

"The current way of mining has become archaic, plain and simple," said Justin Podhola, CEO of EMI. "Between large carbon footprints and the wasteful use of materials, the process is inefficient and harmful to the environment. Our mission at Elite Mining Inc. is to resolve this issue once and for all with our unique, energy-efficient approach." 

EMI will provide exclusive access to a landing page at their VIP section at the event. This landing page will be available exclusively to potential investors and customers who visit their booth. The EMI team will also use Oculus headsets during the conference, which will allow potential investors and customers to view the team's patented energy-efficient mobile units through virtual reality.

Most mining operations have a high failure for control boards, which are commonly recognized as the nuts and bolts of rigs. This failure typically happens over two to three years. Elite Mining Inc. has resolved this issue with the use of its green energy and immersion cooling systems. 

Typical physical data facilities, which usually take up 250-by-250 feet of space, are costly. EMI's mobile crypto-mining units take up a fraction of the space at 35-by-35 feet. This makes the mobile crypto-mining units cost-effective, with units priced at $270,000. 

EMI's mining units can increase profits by as much as 40% to 50%. In addition, the units can achieve this objective 30% more efficiently than standard Bitcoin mining operations. 

"With a turnkey mobile immersion solution now available, Elite Mobile Units partnership with Minerset allows for rapid deployment of older or next-generation miners within a four to eight-week timeframe — allowing you to be up and mining Bitcoin before your competition even breaks ground," said Justin Podhola, Elite Mining Inc. CEO. Podhola added, "You can get more information from EMU/Minerset by stopping by their booth, located directly across from the main conference stage. Once immersion is fully operational, your mining can achieve hash rates up to 40% higher than those of your competition."

For more information on Elite Mining Inc.'s operations and to learn how to invest, visit: https://elitemininginc.com.

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Elite Mining Inc is a dynamic cryptocurrency mining operation with several facilities throughout Washington state. It takes business acumen and operational excellence to compete in the world arena of cryptocurrency mining. The EMI team is an unlikely alliance of people with technical, trading, business, and deal-making talents. You don't just meet a team like ours - unless it's in the lucrative and advanced business of cryptocurrency mining.

Let's face it, an unfair advantage is the name of the game. When you have that both in the team capability AND the market position, you get Elite Mining Inc.

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