Elite Events Sets Goals for New Year, Plans to Hire

Company leaders at Elite Events recognize the importance of both individual and corporate goals, and explained how best to set them. The firm’s President, Julianne Hunter, also announced a hiring initiative.

“Elite Events is on the path to greatness! We have a lot of great goals that we’re excited to accomplish as a team,” declared Hunter. “Not only do all of us have professional targets we plan to hit in the new year, but there are exciting organizational goals that have captured our collective imagination as well. What’s more, we’ve taken the time to tie our personal objectives for the new year to the company’s overall mission. As we help each other succeed, Elite Events succeeds as well.”

In order to set the most compelling goals both for herself and Elite Events, Hunter starts with one simple step. She sets the mood. The most exciting objectives are set when she’s feeling confident and happy. Then, she looks at every area in which growth is required. On a personal level that includes health and fitness as well as finances, career, and relationships. For the company, she takes profits, revenue, customer satisfaction, and even associate promotions into account.

“If you’re ripe, you’re rotten,” stated Hunter. “To me, this means that feeling like I’ve made it is the most dangerous place to be. I always try to stay in a growth mind-set, looking toward the future and what more I can accomplish. I take the same attitude with Elite Events as well. Doing things the same way for too long is a recipe for irrelevance – I push for innovation and expansion in everything the firm does.”

Elite Events’ Leadership Team Adding New Talent

Another goal Hunter has for the new year is adding talent to the Elite Events roster. The firm is expanding, and professionals with fresh perspectives are welcome. Not only are the benefits and perks outstanding, but it’s a fulfilling career opportunity with almost unlimited growth potential.

“Part of our motivation comes from having such a wonderful team. When one person succeeds, so does everybody else,” affirmed Nick P., one of Elite Events’ administrators. “Lots of companies give lip service to the idea of collaboration, but for us it’s a daily reality. We just couldn’t achieve the level of quality and efficiency we demand from ourselves if we didn’t work together as a team. We present an incomparable opportunity to the right individuals.”

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