Elite Education Group and Minerva Project Partner to Transform Education and Revolutionize High School for the Future.

A multi-year, strategic partnership reimagines traditional academics to inspire the next generation of K-12 students.

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Elite Education Group, the global leader in K-12 education and college preparatory services, and the Minerva Project, the most disruptive pioneer in post-secondary education, will embark upon a broad, multi-year, strategic partnership to reimagine traditional scholastic solutions, inspire the next generation of students, and revolutionize the future of education. The alliance begins with the launch of the Minerva Baccalaureate high school program at Elite Open School in Fall 2021.

The Minerva Baccalaureate provides a transformative four-year curriculum for students seeking to accelerate their high school education and benefit from a collaborative online learning environment. "The Minerva Baccalaureate program enables students, starting from the 9th grade, to become equipped with the knowledge and skills that set them up for success — not just for college, but far beyond," said Ben Nelson, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Minerva. "We have chosen Elite Education Group as a partner given their 30+ year experience in advancing quality education and college preparedness for academically driven high school students. We look forward to forging new ground together."

Building upon the best in contemporary high school curricula, the Minerva Baccalaureate is a transformative four-year program that teaches students essential skills across their core subjects. The program blends structured, personalized learning and engaging teacher-led classes with peers, offering the advantages of both individualized and fully active learning methodologies. Students interconnect their learning and develop skills in complex critical thinking, advanced problem solving, and strategic decision-making — uniquely preparing graduates not only for college acceptance potential par excellence but success at top institutions. Graduates receive a high school diploma from Elite Open School, a Minerva Baccalaureate diploma, and 32 units of college credit. The new program is available and enrollment is now open at Elite Open School Learning Resource Centers in the United States, Canada, China, Korea, Indonesia, and Japan.

"For the last 33 years, offering innovative ways to help students unlock their academic potential has been at the core of Elite's mission," said Jonghwan Patrick Park, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Elite Education Group. "We are thrilled to be partnering with Minerva to push beyond traditional educational models and engage students holistically, offering advanced levels of knowledge with a real-life application — and the Minerva Baccalaureate at Elite Open School is just the beginning. Never before in history have students and families had this kind of educational value proposition. Together, Minerva and Elite have many exciting new endeavors on the horizon to better the lives and education of our families and communities around the world."

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Elite Education Group, with its family of education schools and organizations, has been leading the way in providing K-12 education services, ranging from SAT and ACT prep to College Counseling to English learning to coding and, as of 2016, accredited middle school and high school courses and college preparatory pathways through Elite Open School. Founded by JP Park in 1987, Elite has been fixated on the goal of transforming educational opportunities for each and every student. As a part of the World Economic Forum, Elite Education Group continues with new ventures and new partnerships to elevate the next generation of global leaders. To learn more about Elite's schools and organizations, visit www.eliteeducation.group 

About Minerva Project

Minerva Project is a leading educational innovator, providing top-tier higher education offerings to its flagship Minerva Schools at KGI, as well as other educational and corporate partners. Founded by Ben Nelson in 2012, Minerva's mission is to nurture critical wisdom for the sake of the world. Building upon the best traditions of liberal arts and sciences education, Minerva is committed to preparing global leaders and innovators for the complexities of the twenty-first century. Its groundbreaking creation of a new university program is detailed in the book Building the Intentional University: Minerva and the Future of Higher Education (MIT Press). To learn more about the Minerva educational approach, visit www.minervaproject.com


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Since 1987, Elite has been helping students achieve their academic goals. To learn more, visit www.eliteprep.com

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