Elisa Stump's New Book, 'Elisa', Is a Revealing Account That Encourages Everyone To Stop the Abuse and Mistreatment Towards Women

Fulton Books author, Elisa Stump, is a graduate of Fashion Design, a natural-born creative artist whose works were once exhibited at the High Fashion Catwalk in Italy, a devoted partner, has completed her most recent book, "Elisa":  an illuminating anthology that presents a summary of three stories that happened in three different generations. In this raw and honest reminiscence of family history, Elisa Stump unveils a story that evokes a feeling of familiarity, especially to women who have been a victim of any kind of abuse. This is a tear-jerking, yet empowering at the same time, narrative of women from three different generations who share the same scar.

Published by Fulton Books, Elisa Stump's book is a heart-wrenching piece that inspires female readers to speak for their rights. The author emphasizes that her life may be full of struggles and frustrations, but it also comes with constant joys; hence, she hopes that her story may motivate women to find and gather their strength and stand for themselves. This is no longer the time to stay silent.

Readers who wish to experience this awe-inspiring work can purchase "Elisa" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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