Elevate Semiconductor Announces Leadership Change

Jan Gaudestad Appointed to CEO at Elevate Semiconductor

Jan Gaudestad, CEO, Elevate Semiconductor

Elevate Semiconductor, a market-leading manufacturer and designer of integrated circuits (ICs) for the Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and semiconductor test markets, is pleased to announce that Jan Gaudestad has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Jan has been a pivotal board member since the company's transition under Presidio Investors in 2018.

With the passing of our beloved CEO David Kenyon, Jan has been chosen to lead the company as CEO, building on the strategic direction set by David. Jan is determined to maintain this trajectory, ensuring stability and continuity.

Jan Gaudestad brings a wealth of experience to his new position, holding an MBA and two Master's degrees in Physics, as well as more than 20 years of leadership in the semiconductor industry. His previous roles include VP of Business Development at Wooptix and significant positions at InvenSense/TDK and Neocera, where he managed global sales and new business initiatives.

On his appointment, Jan has committed to maintaining the company’s strategic direction, emphasizing, "Continuity is key, and the path forward is clear. We will continue on the successful course that David set for the company."

Source: Elevate Semiconductor

About Elevate Semiconductor

Elevate Semiconductor designs and manufacturers ICs for the Semiconductor Test Industry. The company offers custom, semi-custom and standard skus that are designed to help semiconductor manufacturers to reduce the cost of their semiconductor testing and increase the ability to test faster with more density and less power.

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