ElementalTV and Safe Exchange Come Together to Provide Advanced Brand Safety Tools to Publishers

AdCurate™ from Safe Exchange™ integrates human-validated ad data across ElementalTV’s platforms for advanced publisher protection

Safe Exchange, owned by A Parent Media Co. Inc. (APMC), is excited to announce the integration of AdCurate Ad Safety data into the ElementalTV product suite for real-time, high-efficacy ad blocking.

AdCurate from Safe Exchange provides real-time, actionable metadata for inbound video ads. AdCurate uses a combination of AI and real human review to validate the actual brand and advertiser category and adds additional signals confirming if ads are low quality, spam, or inappropriate for a COPPA audience. Better ad metadata means better blocking of ads that do not meet quality standards or are inappropriate for a publisher’s audience.

Most recently AdCurate has added support for advanced political advertising content data. AdCurate data allows publishers to block political ads on a more granular level than just yes/no. Ads are classified on sentiment (positive vs attack ads), ad type (PACs vs Candidate ads), or topic (for example, gun issues). Many publishers are expecting non-brand, safe political ads this election and are blocking the category outright, but AdCurate can help publishers on ElementalTV’s platform still capture some of those political dollars without risking their audience.

On this exciting collaboration, APMC Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Riddell, remarked, "Most brand safety tools to date have been built with only the advertiser in mind. We're so excited to see how AdCurate can help further differentiate ElementalTV’s suite of ad tech products to provide publishers with advanced tools for Ad Safety."

Many video ads lack transparency on the advertiser they represent and self-declared IAB categories can be missing or incorrect up to 40% of the time*. It's common to see political ads marked as "entertainment" or cannabis ads marked as "alternative medicine." Improved Ad Safety creates a better experience for the end user and can dramatically reduce churn. More accurate blocking also means more monetization opportunities. Publishers can now open the floodgates and be confident that anything that doesn't meet guidelines will be caught, driving increased bid density, fill, and CPMs. 

Albert Yu, Chief Revenue Officer at ElementalTV, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "With a record-breaking $12B forecasted in political ad spending for 2024, we are excited to deploy AdCurate across our platform, enhancing our commitment to best-in-class publisher solutions. This custom integration with Safe Exchange not only maximizes monetization potential for our publishers, it also intelligently navigates the complexities of political ad spending. By allowing our publishers to identify and selectively block political ads, only permitting them during appropriate times, and facilitating transactions on political Deal-IDs, we enable a full political ad playbook for publishers. Deploying AdCurate on ElementalTV is a strategic move that opens a new realm of possibilities by increasing publisher revenue opportunities without compromising brand safety. This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions and ensuring that our publishers do not leave money on the table."

*APMC in-house data

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