Elemental Cognition Assessed 'Awardable' for Department of Defense Work in the CDAO’s Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace

Elemental Cognition (EC), an advanced artificial intelligence company, today announced that it has achieved “Awardable” status through the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office’s (CDAO) Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace.  

The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace is the premier offering of Tradewinds, the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) suite of tools and services designed to accelerate the procurement and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), data, and analytics capabilities.

EC AI breakthroughs enable public and private sector organizations to now build reliable AI applications that solve complex operational problems with transparent, provably correct reasoning. Recent performance tests show how EC AI delivers 100% accuracy by capturing institutional knowledge and making it actionable using the EC Reasoning Engine. EC customers include U.S. federal agencies and enterprises in industries across supply chain, travel, life sciences, education, and more.

“Having Elemental Cognition recognized as ‘awardable’ within the Tradewinds Marketplace creates a significant opportunity for our organization and DoD agencies,” said David Ferrucci, CEO and Founder of Elemental Cognition. “Meaningful decision advantage can be achieved using our neuro-symbolic AI platform to power applications for making better decisions faster in high-stakes missions where operators can’t afford to be wrong.”

EC’s video on 'Trustworthy AI for enduring decision advantage in complex scenarios' is exclusively available to government customers on the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace. It offers an overview of how EC addresses multiple strategic focus areas identified by CDAO, ensuring fully transparent, provably correct expert decision-making that scales to support the DoD mission. Use cases include real-time planning, configuration, logistics, optimization, and more.

EC was recognized among a competitive field of applicants to the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace whose solutions demonstrated innovation, scalability, and potential impact on DoD missions. Government customers interested in viewing the video solution can create a Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace account at tradewindAI.com.

About Elemental Cognition

Elemental Cognition’s (EC) enterprise AI platform delivers the reliability, accuracy, and transparency businesses need. EC combines the fluency of large language models with the rigor of formal reasoning to create a neuro-symbolic AI architecture that can solve complex problems when businesses can’t afford to be wrong. EC was founded in 2015 by Dr. David Ferrucci, the renowned AI researcher and inventor of IBM’s breakthrough Watson technology, to build more holistic AI that thinks before it talks. For more information, visit ec.ai.  

About the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace

The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace is a digital repository of post-competition, readily awardable pitch videos that address the Department of Defense’s (DoD) most significant challenges in the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), data, and analytics space. All awardable solutions have been assessed through complex scoring rubrics and competitive procedures and are available to Government customers with a Marketplace account. Government customers can create an account at www.tradewindai.com. Tradewinds is housed in the DoD’s Chief Digital Artificial Intelligence Office. For more information or media requests, contact: Success@tradewindai.com

Source: Elemental Cognition