Elemeno Aims to Reimagine Content Management

Company Launches API-Based Headless Content Management Platform


Toronto-based startup Elemeno, founded by Teehan+Lax alumni Dave Bobak and Chris Erwin, has launched a new type of content management platform.

A typical content management system (CMS) requires installation on your own servers, demands frequent version updates, and often requires the installation of questionable third-party plugins. Many of the leading CMS solutions also require developers to use older programming languages that are not favored by modern developers. Most CMS solutions are geared toward managing a website instead of simply managing the content. This can make it difficult, if not impossible, to use the same content on other platforms like phones, smart TVs, smart watches, and other internet connected devices.

"If your application can make HTTP requests, it can use Elemeno."

Chris Erwin, Co-founder

Elemeno is different than legacy systems in several ways. Elemeno is a cloud-based platform which removes the unnecessary complexity of installing and maintaining software on your own servers. Elemeno delivers content via an API and does not dictate which programming language to use while creating applications. “If your application can make HTTP requests, it can use Elemeno,” co-founder Chris Erwin states. This makes it easy to leverage your content on multiple platforms at once.

Elemeno is ideal for teams of all sizes. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for creating content models is perfect for the entire team — from designers, to information architects, content strategists, and developers. The intuitive content editor makes creating content simple and easy for everyone on the team.

Official code libraries for Node, PHP, and Ruby have been created to further help developers integrate content from Elemeno into their applications. Libraries for other languages are also being developed and will be rolled out in the near future.

During the open beta period earlier this year, several companies have embraced Elemeno, including YogaGlo, CanvasPop, and Showtime. Early beta users have been instrumental in providing feedback that will help shape the future of the product.

Elemeno offers a free plan so you can test the product with no obligation. Visit https://elemeno.io today and get started for free.

Source: Elemeno

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About Elemeno

Elemeno is an API-Based, Headless CMS designed to manage content for digital projects on any platform or device.