Electronic Team Releases USB Network Gate 10 Featuring Enhanced Encryption & Extended OS Support

USB Network Gate 10—a major update to Electronic Team's top software for network communication. It features advanced encryption, Windows 11 & ARM chips support.

USB Network Gate 10

Electronic Team launched an updated version of USB Network Gate, a software application for sharing USB ports and devices over local networks and the internet.

With the new release, the company continues to enhance the security and reliability of its leading product. For more information, please visit the official webpage: USB Network Gate by Electronic Team.

New in USB Network Gate 10

To ensure that USB device data travels safely between networked machines, USB Network Gate 10 relies on a strong encryption algorithm based on the advanced Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. The TLS 1.2+ standard makes it possible to keep communications safe and prevent transmitted data from being intercepted or lost.

To take advantage of the increased protection, a respective setting should be enabled in the Device sharing options. TLS encryption will be applied any time a client computer attempts to establish a connection to the USB device you are sharing.

In addition to the security feature, the new update brings the much-requested support for Windows 11, macOS 12 Monterey, Windows on ARM, and Apple M1 Mac machines.

Core capabilities

Thanks to a streamlined user interface and the ability to work in virtual environments, USB Network Gate has become one of the top-rated remote access solutions. 

The utility provides an efficient way to connect USB devices to VMware ESXi, VirtualBox, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenDesktop virtual machines. 

It supports the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol and native RemoteFX USB Redirection. Any device inserted into the shared port becomes available for remote connection while working over RDP.

Additional improvements

With the new major update, the software delivers some critical bug fixes and performance optimizations:

  • Traffic encryption is now applied automatically for connections with enabled password authentication (Windows, macOS, Linux). 
  • The data transfer speed for USB 3.0 storage and human interface devices has been significantly increased (Window, Linux). 
  • Communications with USB 3.0 ports cannot lead to memory leaks anymore (Windows). 
  • The issue with computer resources not being freed up after USB port unsharing has also been fixed (Windows).
  • USB Network Gate 10 works with FreeRDP 2.0 on macOS and improves compatibility with popular Linux distributions.

Anyone wishing to test the new update can download a compatible version from the official company website.

Company profile

Electronic Team, Inc. is a technology development company specializing in building and delivering top-quality software applications for USB and COM port virtualization, and remote access. The company is focused on creating secure network communication tools that work across all major operating systems.

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