Electric Fusion Systems Hires Voss Scientific to Model Novel Fusion Approach

Experts in nuclear fusion software modeling Voss Scientific have accepted a contract to use their plasma simulation software (Chicago) to theoretically model Electric Fusion Systems' (EFS) unique physics approach. EFS has created a scalable and compact aneutronic fusion reactor based on their unique fuel and reactor design.

Fusion Simulation Modeling

Electric Fusion Systems (EFS) announced today that they issued a contract to Voss Scientific of Albuquerque, New Mexico, to conduct nuclear plasma simulations of our recent confirmation of table-top laboratory flask hot fusion breakthrough, said the Co-founders.

"Since, 1988 Voss Scientific has provided scientific, engineering, and R&D support in the fields of computational physics, electromagnetics, experimental plasma, and nuclear physics, including scientific, engineering, and R&D services to an expanding government and commercial customer base," said Dr. Donald Voss.

"After a rigorous search of four other fusion simulation organizations, it was clear the Voss Scientific had the most relevant skills, ability to execute within our timeline and powerful software tools," said Ryan S. Wood, Co-founder.

"Although we have a strong experimental basis and good results from our laboratory fusion experiments, scaling and engineering useful product designs and even good prototypes require a stronger theoretical understanding, hence the need to hire Voss Scientific," said Ken E. Kopp, Co-founder.

"We expect to gain a detailed understanding of the fusion yield from the EFS reactor principles with the CHICAGO™ hybrid plasma simulation software. We are modeling alpha sources, lithium-hydrogen medium, and tracking of fusion and fusion by-products. The fusion and Coulomb scattering interactions will be handled with the software binary algorithm, including inelastic collisions of energetic ions with bound electrons," said Kopp.

Voss Scientific's software is an advanced three-dimensional fully electromagnetic particle-in-cell code designed for executing multi-scale, plasma physics simulations. The code calculates the interaction between charged particles and external and self-generated electric and magnetic fields. The software has been used in scores of peer-reviewed scientific publications and is widely recognized as best in class.

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Source: Electric Fusion Systems, Inc.