Elected Statesman Smokes Cannabis in Public in HIstorical First

California State Assemblyman Smoking Pot

A California State Assemblyman made history on Thursday night by becoming the first state-elected official to smoke cannabis in public. During a fundraiser at The 11:11 venue in West Hollywood, California’s 59th district assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer and Grammy award-winning artist Melissa Etheridge took the stage to publicly smoke a Cannabis Vape pen by Delta-9, who was invited to the event by its organizers, Spiker Consulting Group. Delta-9 Founder Mark Adams explained the therapeutic effects of the multi-Cannabinoid Vape pen, citing the Entourage effects of cannabinoids. They all discussed the positive impacts of cannabis and Reggie’s dedication to legalize it.

Melissa spoke at lengths about how cannabis helped her immediate family deal with dependencies on traditional prescription drugs, as Reggie spoke more on the incarceration problem from past cannabis laws and also how marijuana had assisted a relative during chemotherapy.

We've got to get rid of the stigma.

Reggie Jones-Sawyer, California State Assemblyman

The crowd was full of cannabis supporters and multiple board members of The Southern California Coalition, the industry’s largest trade group, including Ryan Jennemann from THC design. He spoke to Reggie and Melissa about the quality of today’s Flower in comparison to the 70s. During the discussion, it was discovered that the Assemblyman hadn’t smoked Cannabis since 1979! With that said, Melissa needed to school the 59th district Assemblyman on the new ways of the weed before they started to use Delta-9’s stylish Vape pen.

Both smoked and Etheridge finished up the evening with an acoustic version of “Aint no sunshine” – after which the crowd applauded and cheered Mr. Sawyer for taking one more step towards de-stigmatizing cannabis.

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