ELECOM Unveils Groundbreaking IST Trackball Mouse with Swappable Bearing System


Decades of providing relief from wrist and shoulder discomfort have established the trackball mouse as a compelling alternative to the standard mouse. ELECOM, with nearly 30 years of experience in innovating trackball mice, now introduces the IST trackball mouse, a revolutionary device boasting a Swappable Bearing System designed to redefine the user experience. 

After four years of research and user surveys, ELECOM identified the key factors that make trackball mice appealing to users and found two standout reasons – the smoothness of ball operation and an ergonomic design. The IST trackball mouse addresses these aspects with a cutting-edge approach, delivering an ultra-comfortable shape while incorporating an unprecedented Swappable Bearing System. 

Swappable Bearings: 

One of the standout features is the Swappable Bearing System, allowing users to interchange bearings quickly with the included bearing puller. The system includes two proprietary types of bearings – the RollMaster steel roller bearings will be included with the IST11, while the ruby bearings are included in the IST10 trackball. 

The RollMaster bearings mark a groundbreaking advancement in trackball technology, developed exclusively by ELECOM. These steel bearings significantly reduce friction between the trackball and bearings, ensuring an exceptionally smooth rotation. This patent-pending technology offers a substantial improvement in performance over traditional trackball mice by minimizing resistance to allow for effortless rolling action. 

The bearings are manufactured by MinebeaMitsumi, a renowned Japanese powerhouse, known for their exceptional precision and production standards. MinebeaMitsumi specializes in crafting high-precision components used across the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and defense industries. 

The red ruby bearing provides exceptional durability and is made of high-quality materials to withstand prolonged use without wearing out easily. The bearings offer smooth and responsive movements and provide tactile feedback during operation. 

Comfort and Efficiency: 

The IST trackball mouse is angled to align with the natural, relaxed hand position, effectively reducing strain and discomfort associated with prolonged computer use. The 36mm ball, larger than the standard size, allows for finer control over cursor movements, making precision tasks easy to achieve. The cursor can be moved by rolling the ball with the thumb finger, eliminating the need for repetitive wrist motions required by a traditional mouse. 

Connection Types: 

Designed with user-friendly ergonomics in mind, the IST is available in black and white and offers three connection types: Bluetooth, wireless USB, and wired. It features a shape that accommodates different hand sizes and grip styles. 

ELECOM's IST trackball mouse represents a leap forward in comfort and efficiency, setting a new standard for trackball technology. Elevate your computing experience with the future of input devices. 


The IST is available now in black and white and has three connection types: Bluetooth, wireless USB, and wired. The IST10 has an MSRP from $39.99 to $49.99 and the IST11 ranges from $49.99 to $59.99. 


Since 1986, ELECOM has been at the forefront of innovation in consumer electronics, earning a global reputation for its modern design and exceptional quality. The brand boasts over 150 Good Design Awards and 66 IF Design Awards, underscoring its dedication to excellence and innovation in the tech accessories market. 

Source: ELECOM

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