Eisenmann ET Business Bought by Chicago-Based Ogni Group - Now Zenviro Tech Inc.

Strategic investor acquires Eisenmann's U.S. business unit "Eisenmann Environmental Technology"

Eisenmann announced today that its U.S. Environmental Technology business unit has been sold to The Ogni Group, a Chicago-based energy, environmental, and sustainability services company. 

"This is the next chapter in the Eisenmann journey for our U.S. based Environmental Technology group," said Mr. Mark West, President of Eisenmann Corporation and Global Head of Eisenmann Environmental Technology.  "For almost 70 years, the Eisenmann name has been synonymous with excellence and customer satisfaction, and our reputation has been built on strong partnerships, world-class technology, innovation, and problem-solving. The market continues to demand and reward innovation, as well as quality deployment, and service from trusted partners," continued West. "Now as part of Ogni Group, and with a new brand, we will continue our legacy to expand our global footprint in key markets through new strategic partnerships and industry alliances. Combined with the core competencies of Ogni, we will solve our customers' critical environmental challenges." 

Ogni President, Charlie Engasser added, "This acquisition creates one of the most exciting and unique businesses in our market. We are now able to reduce pollution and positively impact our planet from both ends of the spectrum. Ogni energy services reduce greenhouse gas emissions by lowering energy and demand before being produced, where Eisenmann Environmental Technology reduces pollutants after they have been created. This combined, holistic approach will allow us to make a significant environmental impact." 

About Eisenmann Environmental Technology: 

Eisenmann Environmental Technology, a business unit of Eisenmann, has been a global market leader since 1968, deploying over 1000 industrial systems to some of the largest companies around the world with U.S. headquarters based outside of Chicago, Illinois, Eisenmann Environmental Technology serves customers in the renewable energy, waste management, agriculture, and chemical process industries with technology and environmental solutions. These solutions include engineering, project management, procurement, project execution and commissioning services, as well as after-sales support and comprehensive service packages. 

More information about Eisenmann Environmental Technology can be found at eisenmann.us.com 

 About Ogni Group: 

The Ogni Group provides energy, environmental, and sustainability services to commercial and industrial clients, delivering long-term solutions and sustainable shareholder value.  Incorporated in 2006, Ogni is a minority-owned business and has worked with hundreds of clients in both the public and private sectors. Their staff of skilled professionals develop and implement solutions that reduce energy costs, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, improve operations, maximize performance, and increase efficiency. 

More information about Ogni Group can be found at ognigroup.com 

Source: Eisenmann Corporation


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