eimports4Less Auto Sales Celebrates 17th Birthday

15,000th Unit Sold Online

Last week eimports4Less Auto Sales celebrated two big milestones: The company turned 17 years old and sold the 15,000th vehicle to an online buyer.

About the 15,000th online sale:

Many thousands of transactions have come and gone at eimports4Less over the seventeen years in business. This particular sale is important because it represents the 15,000th time that an online customer has put their faith in the business model and made their purchase of a used vehicle "sight unseen" online.

eimports4Less has never advertised in a single newspaper, on TV or in print anywhere, anytime for any reason. eimports4Less believes 100% in online advertising and marketing so this buyer, like many, found their vehicle online and completed their purchase and payment without ever laying eyes on their new vehicle until it was delivered to their door in Illinois.​

eimports4Less is very thankful to this buyer and the 14,999 who came before her.

About eimports4Less:

The two founders of eimports4Less had been in the wholesale automobile business, basically just handling transactions from dealer to dealer, since 1995. The company decided to start offering our wholesale vehicles to the retail public for a three day period on eBayMotors in late 1999 in order to sell off some excess inventory. The retail part of the business flourished from the very start. eimports4Less routinely sold out of inventory and realized that it needed to grow in order to fill the demand. That's when eimports4Less purchased a dealership facility in Perkasie, PA to inspect vehicles, take pictures for the website and handle customer transactions.

The rest is history. eimports4Less has grown to be a well known leader in the online automobile sales industry and although now sells many vehicles through a variety of online channels, are still recognized as a top automobile seller on eBayMotors.


George Lekas​, General Manager, eimports4Less, 215-249-9100, glekas4less@msn.com

Source: eimports4Less Auto Sales

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