EHIR Announces EHIR Academy

EHIR, Employer Health Innovation Roundtable, raised the bar and set a new standard for growth-stage incubation programs with the launch of EHIR Academy in December. The Academy is a nomination-based program that targets high-potential, early-stage Innovators for the Employer Market. This week-long intensive workshop included a “star-studded” cast of proven entrepreneurs, leading benefits leaders and expert advisors to drive an “insanely actionable” week for the ten participating teams.

Previously described as a “secret club” by the Wall Street Journal, EHIR continues to drive impact by leveraging it’s tight-knit [and growing] group of Employer, Health Plan, Provider and Venture Partner Members. The Academy was no exception. With the help of it’s not-so-secret Employer Members, participating teams were guided through expert-led conversation, hands-on advisory and given the opportunity to ask their potential customers exactly how they think and buy. 

"Imagine your potential clients from F100 and leading healthcare innovators becoming your best friends for a week and giving you answers to all of your questions to build a successful business? EHIR Academy is that and more."

Academy Graduate

Beyond the unmatched exposure and interaction to world-class faculty, every aspect of Academy was built with founders in mind. Designed like a trade school and not an ivy league, the Academy was built to maximize every minute and deliver actionable content for founding teams to impact their business now. Covering topics like integration, implementation, the employer sales cycle and honing product positioning, one participant described the experience saying, “1 week of time, that saved 6 months of market research”.

The inaugural EHIR Academy class included: Anomaly, Alice, Brightline, Cecelia Health, FireFly Health, Laguna Health, Posture Health, Remedy, Stork Club, and Walrus. This group was not only nominated from a pool of over 250+ applicants through EHIR’s Fall 2020 Roundtable curation, but also further vetted through the EHIR Academy application process. At the end of the week, all ten Academy teams pitched live to a panel of nine employer, venture partner and advisor judges for the chance to earn a spotlight at an upcoming EHIR Roundtable. Our judging panel was blown away.

For more information on the inaugural class – and who will be featured at the EHIR Spring 2021 Roundtable – head to or email Otherwise, consider these ten teams your “must watch” list and stay tuned for more updates as the Academy continues to raise the bar for driving impact and accelerating the adoption of innovation in 2021.

Media Contact:
Samantha Yapp

Source: EHIR