Efficient PSD to WordPress Customization Through Slidedeck Plugin V2.1

Combine an assortment of Content Sources and turn it into a stunning slide show through new enhanced Slidedeck version 2.1 plugin for WordPress.

It's true that Wordpress has taken away our worries; given us ease and comfort with its multifarious WordPress themes and plugins. The contribution it has made to the Web development industry goes far beyond as the number of professionals, entrepreneurs and enterprises have grown exponentially since the advent of WordPress CMS.

There are very many efficient ways in which WordPress comes to your aid, one of it is through its plethora of Plugins. Some useful, some extremely useful, some are seldom needed and some you can do without - but every plugin has its own significance.

For instance the plug-in 'Slidedeck' can effortlessly integrate all kinds of contents in a slideshow format and present it to you. The Plug-in lets you add a professional touch plus a lot of finesse by including 'content slider', which plainly put is an interface that makes going through the content, a convenient affair. It has invoked a great response from the bloggers. And the makers of the Plugin, Digital Telepathy has come up with an updated version of the plugin -Version 2.1.

First-rate WordPress Customization has a lot to do with the usage of right plugins the website can leverage from.

Chuck Longanecker, the CEO of the Firm and Jason Amunwa, the Product Director, remarked that the latest version has certain new characteristics, incorporated in view of the users' response. Now, Slidedeck can include a diverse set of contents from separate sources, like your slider can now merge pictures from Instagram with your selected videos from YouTube. The look of your slider is totally customizable, in fact one can customize it even more by using his/her own Hypertext Markup Language. This may let people incorporate different features in their slides, for instance- Google Maps.

Longanecker also opined that these new elements would surely make SlideDeck not just user friendly, but a sure shot delight for the creative, design oriented explorers. He also spelled out that with Slide Deck 2, the organization did run into a tricky situation as they brought out a product that was simple and quick to install, but did not permit customization at all.

They unanimously admitted that the core ideology behind it was to have great designs available to the users, who would have no access to it otherwise. Besides, a keen interest shown from the fraternity of designers and developers resulted in adding these fresh features.

The staggering figures claim that Slide Deck 2.0 was downloaded two hundred and fifty thousand times out of which it's believed that it has no less than one hundred and fifty thousand active users.

About Digital Telepathy
The organization is into providing a better experience for the users by enhancing the performance of the websites, besides creating uncomplicated products- such as Slide deck. Although the organization is a design agency, over the past couple of years it has become much more product centric. They are expected to come up with other such products in the near future.