Effective Solution to the Opioid Crisis in Cambridge

Narconon Cambridge Opens Its Doors to Help Save Lives

Narconon Cambridge Entrance

Narconon Cambridge is now open to the community, providing a proven rehabilitation program to help those caught in the grips of the opioid crisis and others suffering from addiction to other drugs or alcohol.

Overdose, especially from drugs laced with fentanyl, now kills more Canadians than car accidents and without effective solutions, Canadian deaths can be expected to triple in the near future.

Recent drug busts in Cambridge and elsewhere in the Waterloo Region show fentanyl is not only being used to boost opioid potency, but it is now being added to other street drugs such as methamphetamine, benzodiazepines and even marijuana.

In response to the urgent demand for more rehabilitation programs and to help those looking for solutions for themselves or their loved ones, Narconon Cambridge has opened its doors to serve the community. A formal dedication is planned for this summer.

In this new facility in Cambridge, the Narconon program is delivered in a sober living environment. It begins with drug-free withdrawal, using nutrition and natural techniques to aid the individual to come off drugs as comfortably as possible. This is followed by a thorough and deep detoxification process. The final step, life skills courses, help individuals find the underlying causes of their addiction and provide the tools to help them remain drug-free.

"Got my life back; I'm alive again; I have purpose in life," said one recent Narconon program graduate. Another stated that without the program, "I probably would have been in jail or dead. I have my family back. I got a completely fresh start."

To assist those that require medical supervision to withdraw from methadone and certain other medications, Narconon Cambridge will work with local medical detoxification programs to bring the addict to the point where he or she can begin the Narconon program.

A worldwide leader in drug rehab since 1966, the Narconon network includes world-class facilities and dozens of regional and local centers.

​Narconon is a nonreligious program based on the research and discoveries of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard and has helped tens of thousands of individuals and families throughout its 50-year history.

For more information on the program methodology, visit the Narconon website.

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George Morfopoulos 
Phone: 519-219-3131
Email: george@narcononcambridge.ca

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Narconon Cambridge offers a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. The Narconon program does not use substitute medications and seeks to help individuals discover the underlying causes of their addiction and learn the tools to live drug-free lives.

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