EEGSmart Launches Personalized Focused Performance and Meditation Device to Enhance Mental Wellness

The world's smallest BCI, UMind Mirror, weighs only 5.2g, reads brainwaves, quantifies sleep, helps you to optimize focused performance, and offers SDK to develop amazing new apps.

EEGSmart, a leading provider of focused performance and meditation technology, today announced the launch of its flagship product, the UMind Mirror. Learn more:

UMind Mirror is a wearable BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) device that collects EEG (electroencephalography) data from users in various contexts such as sleep, meditation, entertainment, and more. By applying artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the EEG data, it generates a series of visual reports that help users better understand their brain activity.

This device can assist users in managing their sleep health. Sleep is a dynamic process in the brain. UMind Mirror provides a closed-loop solution for sleep monitoring, analysis, and improvement.

The product utilizes real-time monitoring of the user's EEG data during sleep, using artificial intelligence algorithms to stage sleep and generate scientifically accurate sleep reports. These reports include sleep stage graphs, body position, movements, snoring, and more, providing users with detailed information on their sleep onset time, sleep latency, duration of deep and light sleep, sleep efficiency, and more. Additionally, the product offers professional sleep aid music and intelligent wake-up features, providing users with a better overall sleeping experience.

Furthermore, users can also use this product during long meditation sessions. It can monitor the user's EEG data during meditation and provide meditation music through the app, helping users quickly enter a meditative state and achieve maximum relaxation. Afterward, it generates a meditation report, providing users with a better understanding of the effectiveness of their meditation practice and making each session more meaningful.

It's worth mentioning that UMind Mirror also includes a focused training game section in the app, including focus training, relaxation training, and cognitive training. Users can play games while seeing their real-time EEG data and get visualized brain exercises while relaxing.

Currently, BCI is still in the early stages of development, and there is still a lot of room for future development. To promote further development in the field of neuroscience, UMindMirror is also willing to open up its raw data for more developers to research and develop more interesting products, promoting the development of BCI and the future of neuroscience.

"We are excited to launch the UMind Mirror and provide individuals with a powerful tool to enhance their mental wellness," said the CEO of EEGSmart, He Chao. "Our device combines cutting-edge technology with personalized insights and focused performance to help users achieve their cognitive goals."

The UMind Mirror is available for purchase on Kickstarter. With its advanced features and sleek design, the UMind Mirror is the perfect tool for anyone looking to improve their cognitive performance and achieve optimal mental wellness. Learn more:

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