EduChat: An Innovative Application Bringing Parents and Teachers Together

EduChat is an instant chatting application that bridges the gap between parents and teachers facilitating a student's academic growth.

In all of our lives, education is an important factor and involvement of parents and teachers in our academic life is another important feature of it. Unfortunately, parents and teachers are definitely involved but as independent components that are not well linked with each other. For any student to have higher chances of excelling during his educational term, it is necessary that teachers and parents are involved as well as connected.

Schools offer parent teacher meetings at least twice in an academic year but these meetings are certainly not enough to ensure the child is performing at his best. A platform that keeps parents and teachers connected at all times is needed in this era of technology. A parent should be one touch away from contacting a teacher and a teacher should be one text away from reaching out to the parent.

Stay Updated, Stay Connected

EduChat, is an instant chatting application developed by Global Shiksha Pvt. Ltd. It is a parent teacher messaging platform in India that transforms the parent teacher community and brings them together on an online platform. The Founder and CEO, Mr. Chander Praksh Garg launched the application few months back with only one aim i.e. to not only bridge the communication gap existing in schools but to eliminate it in the near future.

Parents and Teachers are highly benefited

The innovative chatting application that lets parents and teachers communicate has successfully enrolled over 4000 schools into their system. The application is made available on Google Play Store for free of cost and is benefiting users on an everyday scale. Parents are now able to message their ward’s teacher at any time and avail knowledge about their ward’s academic performance. Teachers on the other hand send out important announcements and assignment schedules everyday and even after the school hours using EduChat.

Join in the revolution today

The procedure to avail the services of EduChat is very simple. Parents, Teachers or students can contact Global Shiksha Pvt. Ltd through email or phone to register their schools. Once the school is successfully registered with the application’s database, the members of the school can immediately download the application and connect with each other.

If your school isn’t registered, please feel free to call this number +91-9164003743 to get your school registered.​

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