Education World Loses a True Pioneer

Tribute to Gayle L Moyers

Gayle Moyers

It is with great sadness that Learning Ears, LLC announces the passing of Gayle Lorraine Moyers on Jan. 16, 2021.

Gayle's legacy is teaching. Through the creation of her innovative programs, her work will continue to make a positive impact on many lives. Gayle was an educator for 55 years. She dedicated her efforts toward helping children and adults work through learning challenges to become lifelong learners.

An educational therapist and a reading specialist, Gayle dedicated her life to helping children and adults overcome learning challenges by developing and implementing programs and teaching methods that reached students who were unable to benefit from traditional instructional programs and tutoring. Gayle was the creator of her legacy program, Learning Ears, and Moyers Learning Systems' founder.

Learning Ears proves that the combination of TLP, ear-voice training, and unique educational consulting can dramatically affect learning. 

This project was significant to her and was one of her bucket-list items to follow that program to completion, which she accomplished after years of devotion and work.

"The greatest obstacle to a person reaching their potential is the inability to receive and process information more accurately and effectively." - Gayle Moyers

Full of passion, a belief in her program, and a desire to help, Gayle worked with students on Learning Ears into 2021.

Alex Doman, founder of Advanced Brain Technologies and colleague, said, "I have personally witnessed the power of her work to unleash the latent potential in others, allowing their once dim light to shine bright for the world to enjoy."

In her life span, Gayle worked with more than 3,000 students and trained hundreds of professionals, including veteran educator Darren McCarthy, who has been named the new CEO of Learning Ears. Darren, her protégé, will carry on her mission.

He added, "The education world has lost a true pioneer. Gayle's gift was an unbridled determination to make a lasting positive change for adults and children struggling to learn and live. I share Gayle's determination and am deeply committed to honoring her legacy by growing Learning Ears for the benefit of the broadest audience possible."

After graduating from San Diego State University, Gayle started her teaching career in Lombard, Illinois. She continued teaching for the Poway Unified School District after moving back to California and eventually opened her own business in San Diego called The Moyers Center for Learning. She led that successful business for over a decade and moved to Austin, Texas, in 2001 to continue to work with and inspire parents, students, and professionals.

Gayle raised three children. She is survived by daughter Jolie (Mayo) Castellucci, son-in-law, Mike Castellucci, son Bryan Mayo, son-in-law Herb Schoening, son Paul Mayo, daughter-in-law Kellie Mayo, two grandchildren, Phoebe and Henry Mayo, brother Thomas Cummings, sister Kristen (Cummings) Schermerhorn, brother-in-law, John Schermerhorn, brother William Cummings, and sister-in-law Lana Cummings.

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