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How do higher education decision-makers find the right solution when technology evolves at light speed? They usually start with their network. The size and strength of a professional network are functions of one's experience both in their role and in their industry. To equalize the network disparity, decision-makers have relied on organizations like EDUCAUSE, the Higher Education User Group (HEUG), the Benchmarking Institute, and industry consulting firms for technology guidance. It's a model that's been in place on for a long time, and it's dependent on the institution to report usage and procurement data. Ultimately, institutional leadership controls access to and participation in these communities.

EdTech Connect allows higher education faculty and staff to list, rate, and classify the software they use on their campuses. EdTech Connect combines these lists with demographic data about the faculty or staff member's institution from the U.S. Department of Education for a near real-time tech profile of that school. The website can be accessed for free with a verified institutional email address and allows anyone who works in higher education to find and collaborate with peers based on the software or skills they have in common. The website is being used to answer questions like these: What technologies are similar colleges and universities selecting for their chatbot? What mobile frameworks are large institutions using to connect an evolving hybrid campus?

EdTech Connect launched in November 2020 with 179 software listings and has organically grown to submissions from 511 higher education experts from 370 colleges and universities in North America. More than 700 solutions have been added by higher education professionals. The EdTech Connect Periodic Table of Higher Ed Technology was created to classify the EdTech space from a user's perspective. With the unique prominence of categories like accessibility and emerging technology, the companies committed to higher education are rising to the top.

All types of higher education professionals are finding unique ways to use EdTech Connect. Some executive leaders have even chosen to use EdTech Connect to conduct their own campus software inventories. Rebecca McKay, senior director of systems for the university system in Arizona, has found it useful to see how her school and other large schools are using EdTech Connect. "It helps large universities like ASU, NAU, or UArizona stay connected both nationally and within our large multi-location campuses," says McKay. "We want to offer consistent service with our regional campuses, so students have a seamless experience."

As Higher Ed creates the new classroom, what elements of virtual teaching, learning, and services will thriving campuses embrace? Where will the new generation of faculty discover what's on the horizon for EdTech? The collective voice of any industry should be the guiding light to help make decisions around higher education technology.

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EdTech Connect is a free platform for college and university staff and faculty to collaborate on technology use

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