EDOM Solutions, Leading Management Consulting Firm, Providing Strategic Business Management For Organizations

EDOM Solutions is providing top-tier solutions for businesses and organizations of all kinds.

Management Consulting Firm

EDOM Solutions, a leading management consulting firm in South Florida, is providing exceptional business consulting services and strategic business management services. An expert team provides business owners and executives the tools necessary to increase performance, and to dominate on an international and global level. The company works to improve processes and procedures, and to educate clients on how to adjust and adapt to the business environment. 

David Ebanks, CEO of EDOM Solutions and one of the leading business operations consultants, has over 15 years of experience working with Top 500 companies. By merging aspects of both traditional and modern management methods with technological advancements, Ebanks has created a seamless process for small and large businesses.

With services that include operations and IT, strategic solutions, executive coaching, and change management services, EDOM Solutions empowers businesses by strategizing and implementing procedures that will increase profitability and accelerate growth.

EDOM Solutions Services

  • Strategic Business Management - According to EDOM Solutions, the best strategic solutions for an organization require a complete understanding of the foundation of strategic management. The firm focuses on solving the root problems within an organization, by planning on short-term and long-term goals.
  • Executive Coaching Services - EDOM Solutions' leadership training services help executives overcome personal and business challenges. The firm works to develop executives, so any organization can not only compete, but also dominate in its industry.
  • Change Management Training - Whether an organization is implementing new technology, strategizing for a merger, downsizing, or implementing new processes and procedures, EDOM Solutions uses management consulting techniques and conflict resolution training to help companies overcome the challenges associated with change.
  • IT and Operations Management - EDOM Solutions will analyze current processes and procedures to improve an organization's performance, and to identify and solve various business challenges.

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About EDOM Solutions

EDOM Solutions is one of the top business consulting companies in Fort Lauderdale, providing organizations with the solutions they need to accelerate their growth. By empowering businesses to dominate on a national and global level, EDOM Solutions works to improve processes and procedures, and to educate its clients on how to adjust and adapt to the business environment.

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