edHelper Offers Free Educational Resources for Teachers and Parents Dealing With Coronavirus-Related School Closures

Free Educational Resources for Teachers and Parents

As schools in the U.S. have begun to cancel in-person classes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many teachers and parents are wondering how to continue teaching students without a prolonged interruption.

The educational website edHelper.com has announced that they will be publishing free daily workbooks for students who are out of school. The workbooks include math and writing exercises for elementary students.

Some people worry that closing schools for an extended period of time could have a negative impact on academic outcomes. The CDC has acknowledged this in its updated guidelines, but social distancing is important for preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus. Distance learning, combined with supplemental educational activities provided by parents, can help keep students on track academically.

One parent said on Facebook, “My 4- and 6-year-olds did the March 16th packets today for preschool and kindergarten. They came back to them all day as opposed to doing it all in one sitting, but they loved it. The checklist made it fun for them. Thank you so much for doing this — they already can’t wait for tomorrow’s packet!”

The free worksheets and workbooks at edHelper.com will be updated on a daily basis. Many additional free resources are available, such as free math worksheets for elementary students.

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edHelper is an online service that provides printable worksheets and educational resources to teachers and homeschooling parents. As a leader providing weekly math workbooks and supplemental reading materials, developed by educational experts, for over 20 years, edHelper now serves more than 100,000 educators in 150 countries.

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