Edge Promotions Attends Quarterly Conference

Top performers at Edge Promotions recently attended the industry's quarterly conference in Texas. The Director of Operations discussed how networking benefits career development and business growth.

​At Edge Promotions, the management team understands the importance of conferences and industry events. “Our associates obtain immeasurable benefit from attending these gatherings,” said Sahil, the Director of Operations. “They have opportunities to enhance their skills, while they meet others in their line of work. When they return to the office, they are pumped!”

The trip to the conference in Texas allowed associates to learn from subject matter experts. “Being in the room with these inspirational people is far superior to a video conference,” added the Director. “When you attend a live event, you can read the body language and feel the energy. Also, you are able to pick up interesting tidbits of information during side conversations. It’s always fun to hear about the latest industry buzz.”

"When our associates attend conferences, they connect with their peers and industry leaders,"

Sahil , Director of Operations

“When you are at a conference like this one, you have an opportunity to see what the competition is doing,” said Sahil. Associates are advised to take note of alternate methods, to see what techniques resonate with customers. “The dynamic aspect of our business dictates that we stay on top of the latest trends,” he added. “Learning new approaches is one way for us to remain on top of our game.”

Sahil noted that traveling on road trips and attending conferences enhance the team experience. “When people travel together, they bond socially as well as professionally,” he said. “Everyone has a job to do, plus the road warrior experience adds a bit of color to the trip. Every once in a while there’s a funny story that emerges. With the help of social media, the people back at the office hear about it before anyone returns!”

Edge Promotions’ Director Highlights the Benefits of Networking

Sahil and the Edge Promotions management team know these events provide countless networking opportunities. “When our associates attend conferences, they connect with their peers and industry leaders,” he said. “Some of these new acquaintances blossom into mentoring relationships which help them realize their career goals.”

“In addition to swapping industry anecdotes, a new connection can lead to interesting situations,” added the Director. When Edge Promotions’ leaders look for new talent, associates are encouraged to contact their industry peers to see if they would like to join the team. “We would rather hire someone we know than someone we haven’t heard of,” he added.

Furthermore, networking promotes new business. “Through their contacts, our team members have formed partnerships to implement unique promotions,” said Sahil. “These creative solutions have benefitted the businesses we represent.”

About Edge Promotions

Edge Promotions is a results-oriented, full-service marketing firm that specializes in on-site promotional campaigns. The firm’s unique messaging is perfectly targeted to its clients’ ideal audiences, resulting in substantial investment returns every time. Furthermore, the team strives to build strong connections between brands and consumers, building repeat business and long-term profitability. Their dynamic group of brand ambassadors are always ready to deploy new initiatives within just weeks. Through their track record of success, the company has earned the trust, respect, and loyalty of a diverse portfolio of organizations. To learn more about their unique event-based promotions, visit http://edgepromotionsinc.com/.